Bungie Devs Receive Death Threats After Celebrating Collaboration With Streamer

Specifically, two employees have been harassed after tweeting that they were going to collaborate with Uhmaayyze.

Unfortunately, toxicity reaches limits that should never be exceeded. One of the last exponents of this has been that two Bungie developers have been harassed for having celebrated the collaboration with a streamer called Uhmaayyze. The content creator has been quite active lately with content related to Destiny 2.

According to Golden News, two employees have been harassed and threatened with death after they celebrated the collaboration with Uhmaayyze through a tweet. received racial slurs, anonymous calls and text messages when the collaboration was announced in June.

The harassment reached such a point that the voice messages that reached their phones requested that Destiny 2 include violent scenes and racial content, according to Golden News. In addition, a user on Twitter tweeted a photo with ID card of one of the Bungie workers, in addition to announcing that he lived only half an hour from his house.

These facts motivated the two employees to denounce the situation and request a court order to put an end to these types of events. In relation to Bungie, they announced that they will rethink their communication strategy due to a series of threats received.

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