Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone 2: A parkour gameplay that will change everything? Answer in interview

Game News Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone 2: A parkour gameplay that will change everything? Answer in interview

If you’re one of the lucky ones trying out the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta right now, you’ve probably been struck by a few new gameplay features. Yes, in this component, it is possible to dive forward and cling to a lot of ledges. But how will this impact online games and Warzone? Our answer in interview.

“When we were developing the ability to grab onto a ledge, we always thought about that moment where – when you come right over the edge of a building while parachuting into Warzone – you can now grab onto and climb to continue” we explains Jack O’Hara, Game Director at Infinity Ward and at work on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. The least we can say is that the man is aiming for the bullseye here, solving a problem that has surely frustrated more than one. If it will still take some time before parachuting into the sequel to the battle royale (planned for free on November 16, 2022), you can already try the new gameplay Call of Duty from Multiplayer Early Access, available until September 26 (PC, Xbox, PlayStation). On the sidelines of the “Ledge Hang” to cling to the edges – and even draw a handgun at the same time – a diving jump is also part of the game. All in all, the gameplay is even more complete.

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone 2: A parkour gameplay that will change everything?  Answer in interview

Exciting Possibilities in Warzone 2.0

It’s all well and good to add new moves, but what concrete uses will they have in Warzone 2 (we’ll get to Modern Warfare later)? After the first scenario mentioned by Jack O’Hara, the man continues: “You can also run away from a building and you cling to the skids of a helicopter. As for Al Mazrah (the new map of the battle royale sequel, editor’s note) there is the hydroelectric plant, a small village where you can jump from roof to roof. I think the ability to snap to a ledge is kind of a toolbox for making fun maps”. His Raven Software colleague, Senior Creative Director Eric Biessman, tells us more. “I think the cool thing is that there’s a sense of parkour (…) it’s great to have less stuff that gets in the way of movement”.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 – We test new gameplay (beta, 1080p)

Progressive approach on Modern Warfare 2

But if you put your hands on the beta, something will call out to you. In six-on-six games (the only ones currently available) parkour gameplay is only very little used. It is possible to hang on to a few ledges but sometimes things at a good height are simply inaccessible. We asked Geoff Smith, responsible for co-managing the multiplayer design on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, on the subject! Without further ado, here is his response:

“In our last Modern Warfare game, we did six-on-six, ten-on-ten, twelve-on-twelve maps, and then Verdansk (the first Warzone map, editor’s note) (…) So we had a kind of crisis identity between small maps, medium, large, and even larger. So with this new project, we made sure that our biggest maps were really good for sandbox and parkour (…) and that six-on-six was class-leading! So there’s going to be a little less to climb on these maps, even if there are a few. In general, we made these maps tighter”. – Geoff Smith, Multiplayer Design Director (Infinity Ward)

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