Can you transfer engravings between characters in Lost Ark? Answered

Engraving is a min-maxing system in Lost Ark that gives characters stat bonuses and vertical progression in certain areas. Quicker than waiting for new gear to drip feed, though also more reliable than waiting to get good RNG rolls from buffing gear or carving skill stones, etchings can simply be leveled up using staggered rarities of etching recipes, providing better bonuses with each engraving. level.

Engravings are applied much like a computer would. Each character has two active engraving slots, in which players can choose to equip up to two engravings of different types. As these can be applied and removed at the user’s discretion, players are encouraged to collect and level as many etchings as possible, switching between combat situations as needed.

Due to Lost Ark’s heavy focus on the late-game boss run, a heavy emphasis is placed on unlocking etchings that prove effective in boss fights. Grudge, which increases damage against boss enemies, is practically necessary on all characters to contribute significantly in Guardian Raids and Chaos Dungeons. While the prospect of working with Grudge on each character might seem overly complicated at first, Smilegate kept the grind in mind by simplifying how the rosters progress through the prints.

Engraving on the entire list: of great importance

DoubleXP screenshot

When using a recipe from a particular type of engraving, that engraving is linked to the entire roster, not just the character the engraving applies to. This also applies to subclass-specific engravings, albeit with limited ability: while players can transfer Paladin-specific engravings through the roster, they can only be applied to other Paladin characters, rather than a Bard or Scrapper.

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Alternatively, Engraving Recipes and Recipe Bags can be transferred from one character to another via the specific storage slot on the roster. This system is particularly useful when transferring recipes for subclass engravings, as it allows each unique class to progress independently.

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