Capcom Offers Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Demo ‘Item Pack’ Bonus

Image: Capcom

Here’s one more reason why you should download and try the new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo. Save data from this demo can be used to unlock some extras in the full DLC.

Here’s what you’ll get in this special item pack: 60 Mega Potions, 15 Trap Traps, 30 Energy Drinks, 15 Mega Demon Drugs, and 15 Mega Armor Skins.

Monster Hunter Rise Dawn
Image: Capcom

As noted, this pack can be claimed in the full DLC after downloading the main title update at launch.

You can download the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo from the Switch eShop right now. Includes multiplayer and solo features, and various monsters to kill.

Read More – Capcom Announces Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Demo, Available Now

Have you already tried the demo? Will you be checking out the Sunbreak DLC when it arrives next week? Leave a comment below.

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