Capcom sounded out this great protagonist for the Resident Evil Village DLC, but the team discarded the idea

In the Shadows of Rose expansion we will handle Rose closing the Winters family in the Resident Evil saga.

If the Resident Evil Village video game has been exit and a great title for Capcom, everything seems to indicate that the expansion will be too. The details that have allowed us to see and its protagonist have cheered to many users, but it seems that the initial idea of the Japanese company was another regarding the character of this DLC.

There were some ideas that focused on Chris Redfield, but we wanted to focus on RoseKento Kinoshita, director of the Resident Evil Village expansionKento Kinoshita, director of the Resident Evil Village expansion, has pointed out in an interview with Inside Games, the developers had thought of another character: “There were some ideas that they focused on chris. But we wanted to focus on rose“. All this was done “at the time of the project”, so the decision was made during the early stages of development, according to the statements collected and translated by Gamesradar.

Recently at the 2022 Tokyo Game Show we were shown a preview of its expansion and also of the 3rd person mode in an extensive trailer that you have above. It is currently known that this DLC will be the farewell to the Winters family. In addition to this, everything indicates that one of the playable characters will be Lady Dimitrescu in the Mercenaries mode.

In addition to this, they also reported a few days ago that next month of October there will be a Resident Evil Showcase where more things about Resident Evil 4 Remake will be shown. What has also made many happy about this title is that it will also come to PS4, but it seems that it won’t on xbox one. In addition, Martín Amechazurra stood up to fear playing the new Resident Evil 8 DLC at TGS, and almost gave him something.

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