3 Exercises All Gym-Goers Should Do

It’s never too late to join the gym. Whether you’re young or old, everyone can benefit from physical exercise. Not only does it keep us fit and…

Fun Things to Do in Canada’s Capital City

Canada’s capital city Ottawa is located in Ontario, east of Toronto and south of Montreal. The city is named after the Ottawa River. The origin of the…

Evolution: World Leading Provider On Live Casino

Evolution is the world-leading provider of live casino games. With over ten years of experience in the industry, Evolution has developed a strong reputation for providing high-quality…

Is it Better to Play at a Mobile Casino or from a Desktop or Laptop?

Online casinos today can be accessed by fully registered members using almost any modern computing device that can connect to the internet, such as a smartphone, tablet,…

un nouveau rapport montre pourquoi des réglementations sont nécessaires maintenant

Un nouveau rapport montre pourquoi des réglementations sont nécessaires maintenant pour aligner les flux financiers réglementés par le gouvernement fédéral du Canada sur ses objectifs climatiques

La décision récente de GFANZ d’atténuer la responsabilité des engagements volontaires de zéro net prouve que des plans climatiques exécutoires et crédibles sont nécessaires OTTAWA (Ont.) et…

audio journalism la liberté

Audio journalism – La Liberté

In the era of rapid and bulk consumption of information, where ‘fake news’ blends into current events, it is essential to train the young citizens of tomorrow…

suspended twitter accounts won't be reinstated for weeks, says musk

Suspended Twitter accounts won’t be reinstated for weeks, says Musk

Elon Musk, new owner of Twitter, assured on Wednesday that the accounts that had been suspended from the social network would not be restored for “a few…

immigrants recherchés pour les petites villes du canada

Immigrants recherchés pour les petites villes du Canada

Dans la communauté pittoresque mais isolée de Powell River, la responsable de la garderie Marjorie Jones tente de trouver un moyen d’aider six infirmières, qui terminent leurs…

a sham victory la liberté

A sham victory – La Liberté

Scott Gillingham was elected mayor of Winnipeg with 53,663 votes for him out of 194,853 voters. With a low turnout (37%), Scott Gillingham will have work to…

the thetford mines hospital on the brink of a service

The Thetford Mines Hospital on the brink of a service failure

Every day, the Thetford Mines Hospital “closes” to a breakdown in service. For lack of personnel in the laboratory, deliveries and major operations could be moved out…

Le Canada parmi 50 pays exhortant la Chine à libérer les Ouïghours détenus – National | Globalnews.ca

Cinquante pays, principalement occidentaux, ont exhorté lundi la Chine à mettre pleinement en œuvre toutes les recommandations d’un rapport de l’ONU accusant le pays de possibles “crimes…

another way to approach cancel culture la liberté

Another way to approach cancel culture – La Liberté

Maxime Beauchamp, director, is working on his new series which will be broadcast in 2023. (photo: Vincent Blais) At the very beginning of October, the Franco-Métis production…

chubb stands out with two touchdowns in browns win

Chubb stands out with two touchdowns in Browns win

Nick Chubb reached the end zone with runs for three and 11 yards on Monday, helping the Cleveland Browns win 32-13 at the expense of the Cincinnati…

c'est officiel : le canada a enregistré un déficit de

C’est officiel : le Canada a enregistré un déficit de 90,2 milliards de dollars l’an dernier

Liens du fil d’Ariane Nouvelles Politique canadienne Canada Oui, c’est moins que prévu, mais c’est quand même l’un des plus gros déficits en temps de paix de…

“by and for” young francophones: a winning philosophy? freedom

“By and for” young Francophones: a winning philosophy? – Freedom

(photo: Sharefaith – Pexels) FRANCOPRESSE – In order to measure the impact of the “by and for” philosophy on the personal and professional development of French-speaking young…

major works at the la fontaine tunnel begin on monday:

Major works at the La Fontaine tunnel begin on Monday: obstacles to be expected

Major repair work on the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine tunnel, which connects eastern Montreal to the South Shore, begins Monday. Motorists and truckers will therefore have to be patient…

avertissements de vent émis par environnement canada

Avertissements de vent émis par Environnement Canada

Par Curtis Galbraith Temps 30 octobre 2022 | 12h16 Environnement Canada a émis des avertissements de vent pour les zones de prévision de Grande Prairie-Beaverlodge-Valleyview, Peace-River-Fairview-High Prairie-Manning…

miyavi, the multi talented samurai guitarist

Miyavi, the multi-talented samurai guitarist

Alternately musician, actor and model philanthropist, Miyavi stands out as a complete artist. The uniquely styled Japanese guitarist will perform at the Rickshaw Theater on November 2….

adventurer frédéric dion completes another feat

Adventurer Frédéric Dion completes another feat

“I am speechless! It is completed!” This is how the adventurer and lecturer Frédéric Dion reacted, having just checked off another box on his impressive list of…

Summer McIntosh et Maggie Mac Neil du Canada remportent l’or à la Coupe du monde de natation – National | Globalnews.ca

La Canadienne Summer McIntosh et l’Américaine Katie Ledecky ne savaient pas trop à quoi s’attendre lors de leur première compétition de la saison à la Coupe du…

gnoul, a series of evocative portraits

Gnoul, a series of evocative portraits

Between entirely black walls, multimedia works of art evoking the experience of the black community echo. In this new exhibition titled Concealed Cultures: Visualizing the Black Vernacular,…

a collision with cows causes a serious injury in beauce

A collision with cows causes a serious injury in Beauce

A man in his twenties suffered serious injuries after hitting two cows early Saturday evening in Sainte-Marguerite.

des athlètes des maritimes aident le canada invaincu à atteindre

Des athlètes des Maritimes aident le Canada invaincu à atteindre les quarts de finale de la Coupe du monde de rugby

Les Canadiens invaincus volent haut alors qu’ils se préparent à affronter leurs rivaux nord-américains pour la deuxième fois en une semaine à la Coupe du monde de…

discovering the textile art of kirsten chursinoff

Discovering the textile art of Kirsten Chursinoff

Passionate about fabrics, yarns, wools, embroidery and quilting, textile artist, Kirsten Chursinoff, says her main artistic goal is to combine embroidery and quilting techniques to create works….

your full replica of the sun from october 29 to

Your full replica of the Sun from October 29 to November 4

Your full replica of the Sun from October 29 to November 4

les conditions pourraient être un facteur dans le quart de

Les conditions pourraient être un facteur dans le quart de finale de la Coupe du monde de rugby Canada-États-Unis à Auckland – TSN.ca

Avec de fortes pluies prévues pour Auckland, l’entraîneur canadien Kevin Rouet ne s’attend pas à ce que le quart de finale de la Coupe du monde de…

the dirty beast

The dirty beast

Finally I got her or rather she got me. After fleeing it and having managed to escape it for almost three years already, the COVID, treacherous, cunning…

discover jupiter, like galileo

Discover Jupiter, like Galileo

CHRONICLE / For several weeks now, Jupiter has dominated the sky at the start of the evening.

le canada demande à se joindre aux négociations commerciales indo pacifiques

Le Canada demande à se joindre aux négociations commerciales indo-pacifiques dirigées par les États-Unis

Le secrétaire d’État américain Antony Blinken et la ministre canadienne des Affaires étrangères Mélanie Joly quittent une conférence de presse à Ottawa, le 27 octobre.Justin Tang/La Presse…

towards a sustainable world: just stop oil takes on van

Towards a sustainable world: JUST STOP OIL takes on Van Gogh’s oils on canvas and draws the red line

“What matters most? Art or life? Is [l’art] worth more than food, than justice? Are you more concerned about protecting a web or protecting our planet? […]…