Celebrimbor’s Story in Rings of Power Is Making Lord of the Rings Book Readers Suspicious

Warning: major spoilers ahead for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Episode 5! Come back now if you haven’t seen the latest episode on Amazon Prime Video!

Rings of Power episode 5 brings nothing but pessimism to the Elves. High King Gil-galad shows Elrond that their tree is decaying, meaning their own light is fading from them, and both Gil-galad and Celebrimbor are convinced that the only way to save all Elves is of death is the precious metal Mithril, which is being mined by nearby dwarves. However, in the last episode, Elrond promised his friend Durin that he would not tell anyone about the Mithril, so Elrond refuses to tell the Elves if the metal is in the mines or not.

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