ChatGPT, Dall-E… all free and paid AIs are referenced on this site like an encyclopedia of the future

News JVTech ChatGPT, Dall-E… all free and paid AIs are referenced on this site like an encyclopedia of the future

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Do you feel lost with all these AIs that are appearing on the front of the stage? We present to you a site that lists more than 800 artificial intelligences to know everything about what they can bring you.

Dall-E, ChatGPT and others, everything is going so fast

Previously, technology seemed to be moving at breakneck speed. Tons of new technological objects came to upset the market and the habits of users. A time that many look back on with nostalgia, but in my opinion, the current situation is rather similar, except that technological products are replaced by… artificial intelligences. These softwares are not tangible, but clearly have the potential to influence our daily lives in the same way.

In less than a year, two AIs, Dall-E and ChatGPT, have turned the Internet thanks to their astonishing efficiency and their ability to learn never before seen by the general public. This is precisely what makes AI so relevant in 2023: easy and (often) free access to ultra-skilled algorithms for normal people like us.

So of course, these two AIs are far from the only ones. There are hundreds of them currently in circulation and easily accessible on the Internet. Whether you want to create an image from scratch or have a robot write your code for you, you should find what you’re looking for without needing to be a computer engineer at Google.

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But how to scour all the AIs and find the one that suits us? If that’s your goal or you’re just curious to see what’s out there in the artificial intelligence market, you’ve come to the right place.

The encyclopedia of artificial intelligences with all their info

Futurepedia is a platform that brings together the largest number of AIs available on the Internet. It’s a bit of a mix between an encyclopedia and a Wikipedia page. Directly, it can be seen that the interface is very easy to understand, and allows you to explore among 836 artificial intelligences (as I write these lines) by selecting various criteria to find the site(s) you are looking for.

New AIs are added every day, and you can access a dedicated newsletter or join Futurepedia’s social networks so you don’t miss a thing.

Whether sorting by category or by popularity, all the most important information is there, starting with the pricing of each AI. One can see at a glance if the platform is free or not, and how much it costs. AI creators often adopt free implementation strategies for the general public, before providing a paid solution after having generated a sufficient regular user base.

This platform could be more pioneering than we imagine. why not see a future where we would go shopping for AIs as we do to buy a speaker on Amazon?

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