Chris Evans Will Chew Up ‘The Gray Man’ Set, And There’s Nothing We Can Do About It

Chris Evans will always be best known for his decade-long tenure as the Captain America of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is understandable when he played a key role in several of the most successful movies ever made. Of course, there are a lot more strings to his bow, and we’ll see a whole new side of the actor when the gray man It’s coming to Netflix in a few weeks.

The streaming service’s most expensive production yet is a $200 million globetrotting espionage blockbuster, which finds Ryan Gosling’s Court Gentry on the run from his former government employers, with Evans’ mustached Lloyd Hansen sent to track him down. and delete it.

The trailer promised plenty of fast-paced action alongside the standard jokes and one-liners, with directors Joe and Anthony Russo promising Full movie that Evans’ rare foray into outright villainy is bound to leave bite marks on every set piece he comes in contact with.

“This is Chris going crazy and having a blast. Lloyd is a character that was written to chew on scenes and for the audience to revel in his insane villainy.”

Take one of Hollywood’s most beautiful and beloved stars, have them grow some gloriously baffling facial furniture, cast them as the main antagonist of a spectacular action-packed high-stakes concept, and presumably we’ll sit back and watch the sparks fly.

the gray man It comes with intense levels of hype, anticipation, and scrutiny, but at least we’re hoping that Evans potentially steals the entire movie.

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