Chris Hemsworth Promotes the Imminent Arrival of Gorr the God Butcher

via Marvel Studios

It doesn’t matter one iota Thor: love and thunder villain Gorr the God Butcher is pretty much a complete unknown outside of comic book fandom, because all you need to say to any fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or movie in general) to get them excited is to tell them that Christian Bale plays an alien who made his life’s work to assassinate as many deities as possible.

That’s a huge release, and while the actor’s concerns that he’d be forced to run around in a thong were quickly eased, we can guarantee Gorr will live long in the memory for a variety of other reasons. Sure, Taika Waititi is bringing his trademark brand of offbeat irreverence to the table, but Bale seems to be taking things very seriously.

One person who has encountered the most serious threats in the MCU thus far is Odinson himself, Chris Hemsworth, who knows a thing or two about big bads. Speaking to Golden News, the franchise stalwart could barely contain his excitement at seeing one of the industry’s top talents sink his teeth into a rare box office outing.

“Everything you can imagine [Christian Bale] I would bring you Nuance and complexity and truth, lightness. He is one of my favorite actors working, and I was so excited that he agreed to join here. What he’s done is he’s definitely one of my favorite villains in the Marvel universe.”

Hemsworth may be excited that Bale has joined the MCU, but lest we forget, the man himself made it pretty clear that he “wasn’t in the shit.” Either way, we can’t wait Thor: love and thunder to arrive on July 8.

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