CoD Event: Warzone Mercenaries of Fortune: All Rewards and Details

Call of Duty Season 4 is live in Warzone now, and there’s a limited-time Mercenaries of Fortune event to help celebrate the new season of content. Here we break down all the details and the rewards you can earn for participating.

Start time and details of the Mercenaries of Fortune event

The Warzone Mercenaries of Fortune event is available for a limited time, as the seasonal event will last until July 7. During this time, players can complete a set of eight challenges at Fortune’s Keep and Caldera. Each challenge will lock one cosmetic item, but completing all eight will unlock a special Warzone vehicle skin.

Playing now: COD Vanguard & Warzone – ‘Mercenaries of Fortune’ Season 4 Launch Trailer

All challenges and rewards.

  • Killer: Get 50 player kills in Fortune’s Keep. False Prospector Weapon Camo Reward
  • coined: Open a mercenary vault. Rewarded with the Tusk Assault emblem
  • Trip: Get 25 kills or assists in a vehicle. Reward Nugget Weapon Charm
  • Golden Victor: Win 1 game of Golden Plunder. Reward Venomous Wealth Business Card
  • Body Storage: Get 100 kills in Storage Town on Caldera Island. Reward Prospector Camo of Death
  • Money bags: Collect $100,000 cash at Fortune’s Keep. Reward the Poison Approval sticker
  • Pocket Sand: Unearth three mounds of buried treasure in Fortune’s Keep. Reward Nefarious Deeds Weapon Charm
  • Go shopping: Purchase five items at the Black Market. Rewards with the Scaled Snipe reticle

Completing all eight challenges will unlock the ultra-rare ‘The Vault’ gold vehicle skin for the new Season 4 armored SUV.

In addition to the new Fortune’s Keep map, Caldera is also getting major landscape changes for the Fortune’s of Mercenaries update. Be sure to check out our guide for all of the new and updated Caldera Points of Interest in Season 4.

Vanguard’s Season 4 update included the USS Texas 1945 multiplayer map, and Shi No Numa brings traditional survival gameplay to Zombies mode. Here’s our Shi No Numa perks guide and tips for surviving high rounds.

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