CoD: Warzone Fortune’s Keep Map Easter Eggs

Call of Duty Season 4 is now available in Warzone with the Mercenaries of Fortune update, introducing the new map Fortune’s Keep Resurgence. This new small-scale Warzone map has plenty of areas to explore, and some Easter Eggs have already been discovered. Here we will walk you through how to complete them yourself.

Easter Egg Loot Source

cellar fountain

The fountain in Fortune’s Keep is located in the Winery, and here you can manually deposit some of your hard-earned money into the fountain for rewards. Players claim that the more money, the better the rewards. For my attempt, I left $4,000 in the fountain. I got audio and visual cues that the easter egg is working, but all I got was heartbeat sensor equipment. This wasn’t a great deal, but maybe I just need to offer him more cash for the good stuff like perks and scorestreaks.

Spawn a zombie, get a head start

Tombstone for spawning a zombie in Fortune's Keep
Tombstone for spawning a zombie in Fortune’s Keep

Another Fortune’s Keep Easter Egg involves spawning a zombie in the graveyard. To complete this, you will need to light three candles found in and around the mausoleums in the area.

You’ll get an audio cue after all three candles are lit, which means you can go to a tombstone and get a prompt to “Press F to pay your respects.” There are several headstones that look alike, but the one you’re looking for is in the shape of the photo above and is located near the Cemetery fountain. Interacting and paying your respects will spawn an undead enemy. You will be rewarded with an auto-revive item for killing the zombie after spawning it.

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It’s definitely worth noting that this isn’t your typical Call of Duty zombie enemy, as this Warzone zombie hits hard and is a total bullet sponge. It was hard to kill even with a decent assault rifle, so be prepared before you spawn it. This Easter Egg doesn’t appear to be repeatable, so it’s likely only available once per match.

a secret vault

A third Easter Egg requires you to collect wine bottles to open a secret vault. Collect two bottles from inside various rooms on the terraces, then bring them to the neighboring Keep point of interest. These bottles are usually found on tables and shelves around rooms. You will place them on the long dining table inside the Fortress.

Wine bottle found in Terrance
Wine bottle found in Terrance

Quickly accessing this area can be tricky in a match where everyone is trying to kill you, and using the stairs and interior stairs gets a bit confusing in such a large building. The easiest way seems to be to take the ladder on the outside of the building (the side closest to the Terraces POI) and go up to the second floor of the Fortress. From there, you should be able to quickly locate Keep’s dining room. It is a very long dining table in the center of the room with paintings and other items on the table. Here you can place the wine bottles, then turn around to find a secret passage that has opened from the wall shelf.

Dining table inside Keep
Dining table inside Keep

Inside the secret room you will find loot such as weapons of legendary rarity, a combat shield, scorestreak, thrown weapons and more. You’ll want to gear up fast here, as the loot in this room seems to disappear pretty quickly.

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In addition to Fortune’s Keep, Warzone’s main map also received some major landscape changes. Be sure to check out our complete guide to new and updated POIs for Caldera. There’s also a limited-time event currently active in Warzone, and we’ve detailed all the challenges and rewards for Mercenaries of Fortune here.

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