Complete Guide Articuno Galar in Competitive Pokémon – Abilities Resistances Weaknesses etc –

Complete Guide Articuno Galar in Competitive Pokémon

Last updated on January 25, 2023 by Alvaro Quilis

Complete Guide Articuno Galar in Competitive Pokémon – All the information of Articuno Galar in Competitive Pokemon – Statistics, Resistances, Abilities, Weaknesses, Movements, Teracrystallization and much more

Complete Guide Articuno Galar in Competitive Pokémon

In this article you will be able to know everything about Articuno Galar, in the initial part you have a table of contents to guide you, or if you want to know a specific aspect, look for it in the start guide.

This Pokémon is a psychic and flying type, from the eighth generation of Galar.

It resembles the masks of many species of owls or barn owls. It is a large bird with predominantly purple plumage, with only a perceptible white area on the underwings. Its crest consists of three diamonds and its long tail is a darker purple than the rest of its body.

Complete Guide Articuno Galar in Competitive Pokémon – What are the Stats of Articuno Galar?

Articuno Galar’s total stats add up to a total of 570.

  • Health: 80
  • Attack: 85
  • Defense: 85
  • Special Attack: 125
  • Special Defense: 100
  • Speed: 95

Its special attack stands out, so the ideal is to leave the opponent dry, before they react.

It is worse in health, so it is a Pokémon that should not be hit by the opponent, since it can be weakened with just one hit, but the idea of ​​this article and knowing how to use it so that it lasts as long as possible.

Galarian Articuno Weaknesses

  • electric
  • Sinister
  • Rock
  • Ice
  • ghost

electric type pokemon electric dangerous against Articuno Galar.

  • Zeraora
  • magnezona
  • tapu koko
  • Regeleki

Dark-type Pokémon Sinister dangerous against against Galar Articuno

rock type pokemon Rock dangerous against against Galar Articuno

ice type pokemon Ice dangerous against against Galar Articuno

Ghost Type Pokemon ghost dangerous against against Galar Articuno

Galarian Articuno Resistances

  • fight (x2)
  • plants
  • psychological

Galar Articuno Immunities

Immunity to Ground-type Pokemon is crucial, as they are the Pokemon that spawn the most in competitive Pokemon.

Galar Articuno Type

Galarian Articuno Abilities

Description of the ability and conclusion


Benefits: increases the special attack by 2 levels, when we are affected by the drop in statistics of an enemy. This ability is quite useful, since in Competitive Pokemon the ability of «intimidation» is widely used especially in doubles and thanks to Landorus-Therian.

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This ability only activates when the enemy lowers your stats.

Ice Stare – best move

  • 90 power
  • 100% accuracy
  • 10% chance to freeze the enemy

If you are lucky enough to freeze a rival, you have won the battle.

IVS EVS and Nature of Articuno Galar

  • EVS
    • Maximum Special Attack and Speed
    • The rest you can add in Defense
  • nature
    • Fearful (+ speed, – attack) or Modest (+ special attack / – attack)
    • Remember that you need the maximum possible speed to attack before the rival.

Recommended Items for Galar Articuno

  • lifesphere: Increases 30% damage, loses 10% health when attacking. You must be careful, since as we said at the beginning it is an easy Pokémon to weaken.
  • Lenses Choice: but it’s not that great an item, still: it increases 50% special damage, but the negative is that you can only use the same attack.
  • Handkerchief choice: Increases speed by 50% (always using the same attack).
  • insurance weakness: Perfect if you take it to Dinamax. When we are dealt with an effective blow, we increase the attack and special attack (although this does not matter to us) by two levels.
  • thick boots: Any Pokémon that is weak against the Rock-type.

Galar Articuno Best Moves

frozen look: I explained this above, it’s his signature ability: 90 power, 100% accuracy and 10% chance to freeze the enemy.

psych charge: Psychic STAB, Special, Power 80, 100% Accuracy and will calculate damage based on the enemy’s Defense, not Special Defense. Perfect against Pokemon with exceptionally high defenses like Snorlax or Blissey. Effective against Fighting and Poison.

Gale: STAB, Special, Power 110, 70% Accuracy and 30% confuse the target. In the rain you can not fail. Very good movement, but the ideal is that there is rain. Effective against Grass, Fighting and Bug.

air pit: STAB Flying, special, 75 power, 95 accuracy and 30% chance to hit enemies. With a higher percentage of success, less powerful but more precise. The enemy could fall back.
Shadow ball: STAB Ghost, 80 power, special, 100% accuracy and 20% reduce the opponent’s special defense. Good moves to hit ghosts and other psychics hard.

Round trip: Bug, Physical, Power 70, Accuracy 100. The good thing is that you attack and then you can switch into the Pokémon, which is great for gaining momentum, but this move is really good, when your speed is increased.

retrieve: Recovers 50% of your health.

Peace of mind: Increases your special attack and special defense by one level.

reflection: Creates a shield that lasts 5 turns and remains even when switched, reducing the damage done by your Pokémon’s physical attacks by 50%.

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Screen Light: Same as Reflex, but with special attacks.

Galar Articuno Strategy

Galarian Articuno is a Pokémon with a wide variety of abilities and moves at its disposal. With this information, different strategy sets can be created to get the most out of this powerful Pokémon.

Some strategies I can think of are:

  • 1 Create a set of strategy focused on the defendingusing ice-type and recovery moves to resist enemy attacks and stabilize on the battlefield for longer.
  • 2 Create a set of strategy focused on the stroke, Combining Ice- and Psychic-type moves to deal massive damage to opponents.
  • 3 Create a strategy set more balancedthat combines both defense and attack moves to suit different combat situations.

If you decide to create your own strategy with Articuno de Galar, feel free to share it with other game enthusiasts. Your idea may be the key to defeating the most difficult opponents.

Articuno Galar Lifesphere

  • IVs: Perfect
  • EVs: Everything in special attack and speed, what you have left over in defense
  • Nature: Fearful
  • Object: Lifesphere
  • Skill: Tenacity
  • Movements:
    • Shadow ball
    • Recovery
    • icy look
    • Gale

Galar Articuno, the King of Frost! With decent ice coverage and the freedom to choose our moves, nothing will hold us back! And if we ever find ourselves a little hurt, we can always turn to our lifesphere to heal our wounds and continue fighting like a true champion.

But watch out! Despite investing in speed, this bird still needs a bit of work in that area. So if we find a Pokémon that is faster than us, such as the Dragapult, we better be careful or we may end up in a painful defeat.

Articuno Galar Choice Scarf

  • IVs: Perfect
  • EVs: Everything in special attack and speed, what you have left over in defense
  • Nature: Modest
  • Object: Election Scarf
  • Skill: Tenacity
  • Movements:
    • icy look
    • Shadow ball
    • Round trip
    • air pit

Galarian Articuno is a powerful bird with ice and psychic abilities. With this strategy set, he focuses on increasing the speed of the Pokémon to overcome faster opponents. However, doing so sacrifices quite a bit of power and sustainability due to the loss of recovery.

It is important to note that other Pokémon with Election Scarf or boosted can be a problem, so be careful. However, with this set, Galarian Articuno will probably be the fastest Pokémon on the battlefield.

Additionally, this set includes Air Slash, which has a high chance to knock the enemy back and can save on more than one occasion. You can also use Back and forth, a move that allows the Pokémon to escape dangerous situations and hit the enemy quickly, as well as switch to another more suitable Pokémon if we want to get out of the situation.

Galarian Articuno Most Defensive Pokémon

  • IVs: Perfect
  • EVs: Everything in special attack and health, what you have left over in defense
  • Nature: Modest
  • Object: Leftovers
  • Skill: Tenacity
  • Movements:
    • Peace of mind
    • reflection
    • icy look
    • Recovery
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Although we lose some offensive power, this Pokémon has a good hitting base. With skills like Peace of mind, we can increase our special attack and special defense, while Reflex protects us from physical attacks. In addition, we can heal with Recovery and Remains.

However, our offensive coverage can be limited, since we only have one psychic move. We must also be careful with dark-type Pokémon, since we will not be able to hit them effectively.

Few Pokémon will be able to defeat Galarian Articuno.

What do you think of Articuno de Galar in Pokémon competition? What strategy do you like best? Have you created your own? Share your opinion in the comments!

Articuno Galar Teracrystallization

Galar Articuno with the Teracrystallization ability is a more powerful and defensive version of Galar Articuno.

This ability allows Articuno to turn his Ice type into Rock, giving him resistance to attacks of fire, ice, flying and some other types.

Furthermore, it also allows you to use moves like X Scissors and Thunder Stone with increased effectiveness. It is important to note that this type of Galar Articuno is slower and less versatile compared to the standard version, so it is advisable to use it with a defensive and tactical strategy.

How can I beat Articuno Galar?

To beat Articuno Galar in Competitive Pokémon, there are several strategies you can follow:

  1. Take Advantage of Their Weaknesses: Galar Articuno is weak against Fire, Electric, and Rock attacks. By using a Pokemon with one of these attacks, you’ll be able to deal significant damage to Articuno Galar.
  2. Attack His Weak Points: Although Galar Articuno has good special defense, his physical defense is lower. Using physical attacks, you will be able to deal more damage to Articuno Galar.
  3. Fast Pokémon: Articuno Galar is not the fastest Pokémon, so if you use a fast Pokémon that also has a high attack, you will be able to attack earlier and deal more damage.
  4. Using a Dark Pokémon: Articuno Galar doesn’t have any attacks to hit Dark Pokémon, so if you use a Dark Pokémon, you can easily beat it.
  5. Status Moves: Using moves like Sleep, Paralyze, etc. you will be able to weaken Articuno Galar and make it easier to beat.

Remember that these are just some general strategies, each battle in Competitive Pokemon is different and you must adapt to the opponent’s team and the battle situations.

Articuno Galar counters

Explained in the previous point

  • dragapult
  • excadrill
  • Heatran
  • chandelier
  • tyrannize
  • claw flame
  • volcano
  • hydreigon
  • aegislash
  • magnezona

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