Connected watch sales: the Xiaomi Watch returns with an ultra-aggressive price

News good plan Connected watch sales: the Xiaomi Watch returns with an ultra-aggressive price

The Chinese brand Xiaomi is really fearless and is attacking many products, such as electric scooters, scales and even connected watches. Two low-cost models therefore appeared, the Mi Watch Lite and the Mi Watch. While the latter already had a fairly low price, it is becoming really aggressive for the sales.

Xiaomi sales: the Xiaomi Mi Watch connected watch at only €109 at Fnac and at Darty

At Xiaomi we do not hesitate to offer really very low prices and connected watches are no exception to the rule.

This small connected watch will improve your daily life without attacking your budget. Normally sold around 149 €, during the sales it goes down to 109 € at Fnac and at Darty.

At such an aggressive price, it’s the competition that has to worry.

Buy the Mi Watch black at 109€ at Fnac

Buy the black Mi Watch for €109 at Darty

A very attractive little minimalist and sporty connected watch

Available in two models (including a Lite version), the Xiaomi Mi Watch takes up the great classics of connected watches with its various functionalities but also by its design.

If the cheapest model took over the square shape of the Apple Watch, the Mi Watch looks more like a classic watch with its 1.39-inch round AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 3.

It allows to display a resolution of 454×454 pixels capable of Always On Display to constantly display the time without having to turn off the screen, which the Apple Watch SE, for example, does not have.

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For features, it’s classic, sleep tracking, sports modes and data, GPS tracking, Alexa assistant and of course a multitude of customizable dials.

This last one is compatible with Android and iOS with a fairly impressive autonomy of 16 days or 22 in economy mode and a charging time of only 2 hours.

For sports or to accompany you on a daily basis, the Xiaomi Mi Watch should do the job perfectly if you don’t want to put too much money in a connected watch.

Buy the Mi Watch black at 109€ at Fnac

Buy the black Mi Watch for €109 at Darty

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