Control-inspired Minecraft build is a brutalist dream

It’s always amazing to admire an amazing Minecraft build. Minecraft isn’t a game about inheriting a weird shape-shifting weapon and having to attack evil refrigerators, but that makes for a very reductive description of Control. That’s a very convenient comparison too, because today we’re looking at this awesome Control-inspired Minecraft build.

Ominous_Hippopotamus on Reddit, who happens to be the owner of our all-time favorite handle, posted a video of a hardcore base they’ve been working on inspired by the brutalist beauty of Control’s The Oldest House. The Oldest House is an immensely strange place filled with unusual trinkets, weapons, and beings from other realms. The whole place is best described as haunting, and the video Ominous Hippopotamus uploaded of the base of it captures that beautifully.

While we only get a brief glimpse of this base, it feels very precise. The open atrium with the welcoming plant life greets the player at first, but as they turn a corner, the video shows an eerie geometry that juts out and twists the space itself.

It’s just a stellar recreation of the area, and while the Hiss is unlikely to float around and wreak havoc, it’s another steadfast reminder of how much care and love goes into many of the builds you see in Minecraft. Clearly a lot of time and effort has gone into this to make it feel accurate, and the lighting is especially mesmerizing.

It’s that same kind of attention to detail that has players building things like the Redstone Ghostbusters theme song, or creating a data pack that lets you play with Breath of the Wild abilities. It could be the same kind of love that makes people turn bees into Steve too, but we’re not sure about that. If you’re interested in creating your own nightmares, be sure to check out our guide to Minecraft skins and the best Minecraft mods to set you up for success.

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