Core Keeper: Complete Guide to Farming

One of the first things you should do when exploring a new world in Core Guardian You are starting a farm to grow food. With a handful of seeds collected from nearby caverns, you can ultimately create anything from a humble garden to sprawling fields. You can even create a monster ranch to easily get alchemical ingredients with little danger!


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With this guide, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to create a cavernous farm capable of fueling all of your underground adventures. Almost any vegetable dish or magic potion can be produced from these easy-to-produce ingredients.

As of the publication date of this article, Core Guardian it’s still in early access. The information in this guide may be subject to change as more content is added to the game.

Updated June 23, 2022 by Matt Arnold: The Sunken Sea update adds new crops and spawners, expanding your farming operations! We have added these new items to the guide.

Gardening Basics

Growing and harvesting plants uses the Explorer’s gardening skill, which unlocks Talents that make farming more efficient. Each harvested plant earns points towards your next Talent Point (TP) in Gardening, so it can be beneficial for grow more food than you need. In the worst case, you can always sell excess product or eat at merchants for a few extra ancient coins.

To grow a plant, you will need three things; a hoe to till the land, a seed to plantand a watering can to feed the crops.

pressing the secondary action button with a hoe equipped style the target mosaic, making it capable of sustaining a crop. Cutting the same tile again reverts it to its original state.

When you have carved the tiles you plan to use for landscaping, equip the seeds you want to plant and press the secondary action button aiming at the farmed tiles. To speed things up, you can simply hold the button while moving. Your Explorer will only plant seeds on tilled tiles, so you won’t waste seeds if you target an untilled tile.

If you place the wrong type of seed on a tile or decide you don’t want to grow a seed, you can dig seeds planted again with a shovel or without tilling the soil with a hoe As long as the seed has not started to grow, it will pop out of the ground and can be returned to your inventory.

When your seeds are planted, equip your shower and press the secondary action button while aiming at each seeded tile to water them. The plants will not grow until they are watered, but each seed only needs to be watered once. If your shower runs out of water, you can refill it use it on any water mosaic. For this reason, it is best to grow near a source of water, no matter how small.

Once watered, the seeds will fully grow after ten minutes. After this time has passed, you can harvest the plant. Each plant you harvest has a seventy-five percent chance of also producing a fresh seed of the same type, which you can use to replant the crop.

Plants only grow in the correct soil type for its species. This is the same tile you find them growing on in the wild.

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all types of seeds

Gardening is useful for more than just food, as critical raw materials can also be grown from seed. Remember plant Root Seeds away from the rest of your gardenas roots can overgrow your crops if it’s out too long.

Seed Yield I usually effects
root seed Wood Dirt
  • When fully grown, a root plant will grow roots in all four cardinal directions.
  • The roots can be harvested for lumber.
  • Root plants will continue to grow and regrow until the central root (indicated by green leaves) is destroyed.
Glowing Tulip Seed glowing tulip Dirt
  • Ripe Glow tulips produce a small amount of light until harvest.
  • Resplendent tulips provide little nutritional value, but eating them or foods containing them makes your Explorer temporarily shineproviding a dim light source.
heart berry seed heart berry Dirt
  • Heart berries are a Decent emergency source of Food and HP eaten raw.
  • Meals prepared with Heart Berries Temporarily increase your maximum HP.
Bomba pepper seed pepper bomb Dirt
  • Raw bomba peppers make your explorer takes 11 damage if eaten.
  • Meals prepared with Bomba Peppers temporarily increases your movement speed,
Kapok Grub Seed Fiber Dirt
  • The fiber is used in various craft projects, notably the armor.
Carrot Seed carroca Stone
  • The floats are a Decent emergency source of Food and HP that are eaten raw.
  • Meals prepared with Carrocks Temporarily increases your armor.
puffed oat seed puffed oats Dirt
  • puffed oats is a Decent emergency source of Food and HP that are eaten raw.
  • Meals prepared with Bloat Oats significantly restore your foodhelping you keep your Well Fed bond.
puffungi seed puffungi Mold
  • Raw Puffungis make your Explorer takes 23 damage if eaten.
  • Meals prepared with Puffungi Reduces the damage you take from bosses.
coral seed coral wood Beach sand
  • When fully grown, a coral seed will spawn coral in all four cardinal directions.
  • Coral can be harvested for Coral Wood, which is pink in color and can be used for advanced crafting.
  • The coral will continue to grow until the central plant is destroyed.
pineapple seed pineapple Beach sand
  • Raw pineapples are a Decent emergency source of Food and HP when eaten raw.
  • Meals prepared with pineapple Significantly increases your melee damage temporarily.
pewpaya seed pewpaya Beach sand
  • Raw pewpayas are a Decent emergency source of Food and HP when eaten raw.
  • Meals prepared with Pewpaya Significantly increases your ranged damage temporarily.

gardening talents

Every five ranks in the Gardening Skill unlocks one Talent Point. Each Talent can have up to five TP invested, and each TP increases the bonus granted by that Talent.

Most talents have prerequisites. To invest a TP in a Talent, at least one of the Prerequisite Talents must have a full five TP already invested.

Talent Prerequisite TP Bonus
grateful gardener
  • Increases the chance of harvesting a seed together with a plant when five percentage points.
Eat your vegetables!
  • Retrieve five percent more food by eating plant-based foods (raw or cooked).
Bottomless Water Can
  • Each use of a shower has a ten percent chance not to drink water.
thorny weapons
  • Your supply of critical hits five percent more damage.
poison coated weapons
  • Your attacks have a five percent chance poison the target.
  • Poisoned enemies that receive healing receive only a quarter of the healing they would normally do (this bonus does not increase with TP).
prickly skin EITHER
  • Enemies that hit you with a melee attack take ten thorns damage.
expert gardener EITHER
  • Every crop you plant has a three percent chance to cultivate a Golden Crop whose traits (positive and negative) are improved over the basic version.
powerful poison EITHER
  • Your attacks deal five percent more damage to poisoned enemies.

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monster breeding

By covering the ground spawn tokens, you can make monsters appear at your base. Building an enclosure with walls or fences allows you to safely contain spawned enemies until it’s time to kill them.

A fence on a wall is recommended, as it can attack or shoot over fencesallowing you to harvest your aggressive cattle without them hitting you back.

the more spawn tokens are concentrated in a single areafaster enemies will appear.

spawn tile monster(s) Common Yield(s) Applications
ground slime
  • Slime is an ingredient in most of the potions in Alchemy Workbench.
fungal soil
  • Wild mushrooms will also grow in Fungal Soil, making it a low-risk way to get early ingredients.
  • Larva
  • great grub
  • larva cocoon
  • larva meat
  • Fiber (Cocoon only)
  • The larva meat is used in enrage potions.
  • Meals cooked with Larva Meat Temporarily increase your critical hit rate.
stone moss
  • speleology
  • Caveman Brute
  • caver shaman
  • caves can fall a variety of useful items.
  • A stone moss farm is better fully enclosed with walls and a doorsince shamans can shoot over fences.
lush moss
  • speleologist gardener
  • cave hunter
  • The native Cavelings of Azeos’ Wildlands fall a variety of useful items.
  • A Lush Moss farm is better fully enclosed with walls and a doorsince Caveling Hunters can shoot over fences.
ground poison slime
  • Poison Slime is an ingredient in most of the potions on the brewery table.
  • Infected Cavelings rarely drop the mold ring Y Rust Vein Necklacea two-piece kit.
  • Having both items equipped makes your Explorer immune to mold infection.
  • Farming Infected Cavelings is the safest and most efficient way to grind these useful accessories.
ground slippery slime
  • Slippery slime is used in advanced potion brewing at the Distillery Table.

Mold is also the soil used to grow Puffungi. Don’t worry, mold that’s been hoeed away. will not spawn infected Cavelings so that your garden does not cause your base to be invaded.

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