Could Wanda’s MCU backstory be retconned so that Magneto is her biological father?

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As more characters appear in Phase 4 of the MCU thanks to the multiverse and Disney gets more access to Fox’s Marvel properties, fans are wondering if it’s still possible to have X Men‘s magnet become by Wanda Maximoff biological father, even if it means reconfiguring the current canon that was presented in both Avengers: Age of Ultron Y Wanda Vision.

The discussion was started by Reddit user u/Some-Dog9800 on r/marvelstudios when they asked the community if Magneto could be recast as his father in the Disney MCU. By context, Wanda is effectively Magneto’s adopted daughter in the X Men comic books. Her and Quicksilver’s relationship with her father is complicated, as it changes throughout multiple comics and X Men media titles.

Some fans thought it was possible and suggested that it could go the same way as the comics, where they directly tell Wanda. This could work, as he doesn’t have to be the same Magneto from the Fox movies to take on the father figure for her. worked for Spiderman, Correct?

Other fans said they are not sure as we don’t know how X Men will fit in the current MCU. Fans theorized that Marvel Studios and Disney will have to set up so many things before Magneto can be added to Maximoff’s family tree.

But most fans agreed that introducing Magneto into the MCU as Scarlet Witch’s father will be tricky to execute and believe they should change Wanda’s backstory or not touch on it at all.

However, fans have come to the consensus that a familial relationship between Wanda and Magneto is probably not necessary. Although recent films like Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness and the Disney Plus series Wanda Vision introduced characters that were from the Fox Marvel franchise, not everyone has to join the Marvel team on Earth 616.

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