Create gloomy towns reminiscent of Diablo in this dark building game

Gord, from and Team17, is coming soon to PC via Steam and has debuted new gameplay.

It is becoming more and more common for new video games to recall renowned franchises from the world, and this is something that happens with Gord. From this single-player adventure and strategy title developed by and edited by Team17 We already talked to you at the time, but the new gameplay that you have on these lines almost inadvertently takes us to the Diablo saga.

In Gord we have to develop societies in a fantasy worldAs you can see for yourself, at first glance it might seem that we are looking at a construction game of the Diablo universe. And it is that Gord pretends that create shadow towns and run dark fantasy societies inspired by Slavic folklore, yes, with a system closer to proposals like Frostpunk than what Blizzard usually puts on the table.

“Gord is a single player strategic adventure game where you can develop societies, explore creepy forbidden cities and encounter mythical creatures. Complete missions and manage a population whose personal stories and well-being will affect the fate of the entire world,” reads the official description of the Steam listing.

There is no doubt that his style and approach can lead players to reminisce about some past experiences. If its atmosphere reminds you more of the world of The Witcher 3, you are not misguided either, since the CEO of Covenant is Stan Justformer producer of Wild Hunt.

With an AI-based system to ensure variety of procedurally generated and custom content and scenarios, we know that Gord coming soon to PC via Steam, without a specific release date yet marked on the calendar. At the moment, all we can do is add it to the wish list of the Valve platform.

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