‘Crisis Core Reunion’ copies the best innovation of ‘FF7 Remake’

Square Enix is ​​no stranger to remasters, but Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion could be the most impressive yet.

central crisis meeting It updates the visuals and audio, and best of all, it revamps the clunky combat of the original. While the PSP origins are still evident in occasional stiff animations, it’s shaping up to be a stunning remaster that has a lot in store for fans and newcomers alike.

core of the crisis focuses on the exploits of SOLDIER Zack Fair, beginning seven years before the events of FF7. My demo gave access to an early part of the game, where Zack infiltrates Wutai, the home of Yuffie and an old rival of FF7The shady Shinra Corporation. There, she battles a group of mysterious enemies before facing the fearsome Ifrit summon.

Crisis Core Meeting’s the combat feels much more in line with Final Fantasy 7 Remake.Square Enix

The fight took a back seat core of the crisisThe story of in the PSP version, but the remaster’s tremendous overhaul brings it more in line with Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The key trick core of the crisisZack’s combat is the DMW (Digital Mind Wave), a slot-style system where Zack’s emotions connect with other characters. At all times during battle, these slots run in the top left corner. Depending on which numbers line up, Zack can make a profit. If, for example, three Sephiroths appear, Zack can use an extra strong special attack.

A few thoughtful tweaks make this mechanic much more enjoyable in the remaster.

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In Meeting, the DMW no longer stops the action when slots line up and special attack screens can be skipped. Also, in the original game, you were sometimes forced to run around the battlefield waiting for something to appear in the slots. With all the new combat options in the remaster, you can focus on dealing damage and fine-tuning your strategy when you get buffs from the DMW.

These changes give more weight and impact to ordinary battles, with new audio and visual effects accompanying each of Zack’s moves. Inputs for attacks have been completely redone – you no longer have to scroll through an action bar at the bottom of the screen. Instead, Zack’s basic attacks are assigned to a specific button, potions and other consumables can be used with another button, and magic and special attacks are assigned to a Materia submenu that can be brought up using L1, just like in Redo.

All of this leads to a much better flowing combat system than the original, without sacrificing challenge. As in the original, dodging and timing attacks is crucial. (The boss fight with Ifrit, in particular, was as tough as he remembered it.)

The DMW no longer stops the flow of action and all special attack animations can be skipped.

For example, a “no AP cost” perk means you can use skills endlessly for a short time, and a “physical damage negation” perk means you can cast combo after combo without fear of taking damage. My biggest takeaway from the demo is that the DMW feels like a buff now, rather than the shaky foundation of the entire combat system.

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An absolutely stunning remastered soundtrack only adds to the excitement. crisis core the music has always been a mesmerizing mix of heavy guitar and strings, but now there’s an added edge that gives it even more personality. crisis core The composer, Takeharu Ishimoto, also composed the music for The World Ends With You series, and it definitely feels like he’s bringing a bit of that vibrant style to the series. core of the crisis now.

crisis core history is indispensable to the myth of final fantasy VII. Now, that story has a better presentation than ever, and it seems that central crisis meeting he might finally have the gaming chops to back it up.

central crisis meeting comes to PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch on December 13.

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