Crusader Kings III: the list of trophies for your dynasty is available

news tip Crusader Kings III: the list of trophies for your dynasty is available

From March 29, 2022, next-gen consoles will be able to welcome the youngest in the line of Crusader Kings from Paradox Development Studio: Crusader Kings III. Create and develop your dynasty in the medieval era of your choice, and take the opportunity to encourage your heirs to collect some trophies.

First released on PC, Mac, and Linux in 2020, Crusader Kings III will soon debut on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. Developed by Paradox Development Studio, this grand strategy game is the successor to Crusader Kings II, this time with fully 3D modeled characters. This new title allows you to control a medieval dynasty during notable periods of history: the Viking Age, the Norman Conquest of England, and the fall of Constantinople. You have the choice between ruling an empire, a kingdom, a duchy or a county, and your main goal is to ensure that your dynasty survives the various wars and revolts through the ages. To do this, you can pass the torch to your descendants, hoping that they inherit your best qualities and may they be able to enrich your dynasty with treasures and trophies. You can find below the list of 54 Crusader Kings III trophies (44 bronze, 7 silver, 2 gold, 1 platinum):

Bronze trophies (44)

  • Have a grip

    Get a weak hook against a character. Get a strong hook against any character

  • Give life

    father a child

  • The buildings are the last to fall

    Build any new building in your domain

  • Upgrade to meet your destiny​

    Upgrade any existing building in your domain

  • Until death do us part

    get married

  • Lifestyle choices

    Choose a lifestyle. Apply a Lifestyle Perk

  • Military Matters​

    Create a new regiment of men-at-arms. Upgrade any Men-at-Arms Regiment

  • A Council for Kings

    Replace an existing Board member

  • The darkness that surrounds us

    have someone murdered

  • Assert your power

    Make a Claim

  • The art of war

    Declare war, win it and impose your demands on the enemy

  • A well-educated mind

    Appoint a guardian for one of your children

  • It’s not a cult!

    Create a Faith

  • Above God

    Get a strong hook against the leader of your faith

  • A house of mine

    Create a cadet branch of your dynasty

  • Almos is here

    As Álmos Árpád of the Confederacy of Mogyer in 867, form Hungary and convert to Catholicism

  • Formidable leader

    Gain maximum fearsomeness (100)

  • Subtle clauses

    Use a hook to modify a feudal contract

  • Social rise

    Increase your rank by obtaining a title one rank higher than your previous title

  • A not so feudal system

    Obtain a title using the claim to the throne plot

  • The Emerald Isle

    Starting as an Irish ruler, form the Kingdom of Ireland

  • The succession is assured

    Have 10 children alive.

  • What we do for love

    Murder your lover’s spouse

  • Under high pressure

    Reach the highest stress level possible

  • Lifestyle

    Get all the assets of a way of life

  • black widow

    Seduce a character and assassinate them

  • The midlife crisis

    Complete any Perk Tree and reset your Perk Points

  • A legacy that stands the test of time

    Complete a Dynasty Legacy. Ironman mode enabled

  • An unfortunate accident

    Inherit the title of someone you murdered. Ironman mode activated

  • Celebrity

    Reach the highest level of glory possible. Ironman mode enabled

  • Followed by shadows

    Know 10 secrets at the same time. Ironman mode activated

  • For Faith!​

    Take part in a successful grand holy war. Ironman mode activated

  • Francocracy​

    Completely control the Kingdom of Thessaloniki. You must be French. Ironman mode enabled

  • Know your place

    Win a Civil War by defeating a faction. Ironman mode enabled

  • Land of Rus’​

    Start as Rurik the Troublemaker in 867. Lead your dynasty to rule the Russian Empire Ironman mode enabled

  • Monumental​

    Fully upgrade a ducal building anywhere in your domain. Ironman mode enabled

  • Non nobis dominates

    Found a sacred order. Ironman mode enabled

  • The Norman yoke

    As Duke William of Normandy in 1066, subdue England. Ironman mode enabled

  • Royal dignity​

    As Duke Vratislav Přemyslid of Bohemia, in 1066 ruled Bohemia and the Holy Roman Empire. Ironman mode enabled

  • Holy

    Reach the highest level of splendor possible for your dynasty. Ironman mode enabled

  • Seven Holy Cities

    As a Hindu, own all seven Hindu holy sites or become their liege lord. Ironman mode activated

  • The Emperor’s new clothes

    Get naked while you hold an empire title. Ironman mode enabled

  • Trapped in the web

    Have a strong hook against three direct vassals. Ironman mode activated

  • power corrupts

    Use a fishing hook to help you win an election. Ironman mode activated

Silver trophies (7)

  • A name known around the world

    Reach the highest level of splendor possible for your dynasty. Ironman mode enabled

  • Al Andalus​

    Make the decision to “Revenge the Battle of Poitiers” and completely control Iberia. Ironman mode enabled

  • Symbol of progress

    Unlock all innovations (except regional and cultural innovations). Ironman mode enabled

  • Seventh generation kings

    As Count Eudes of Anjou of the Robertians, in 867, make your dynasty reign over the Kingdom of France. Ironman mode activated

  • From count to king

    As Duke Nuño de Portucale, in 1066, form Portugal. Ironman mode activated

  • The end of an era

    Play until 1453. Ironman mode enabled

  • The Reconquista

    Control the Iberian region and ensure that all associated counties are Christian. Ironman mode enabled

Gold trophies (2)

  • mother of all

    As Daurama Daura of Kano, in 867, reform a pagan faith and convert all local counties. Ironman mode enabled

  • Rise from the ashes

    Restore the Roman Empire. Ironman mode enabled

Platinum Trophy (1)

  • Collector​

    Complete all Achievements

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