“Ctrl + Shift + T”: the little-known Windows shortcut that will change your life

News JVTech “Ctrl + Shift + T”: the little-known Windows shortcut that will change your life

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Among the hundreds of keyboard shortcuts that punctuate our daily life as a gamer or teleworker, in the middle of the essential “Ctrl + C”, “Ctrl + V” or “Ctrl + X” or even “Ctrl + S”, there is a magic formula still too little known that will change the life of some, the “Ctrl + Shift + T”.

What are the most used keyboard shortcuts?

Keyboard shortcuts, everyone knows a number of them, but do you know them all? Obviously not, and neither do we… At the very least, there must be several dozen that can be considered “common” and this can go up to several hundred depending on the software.

And if no concrete study really exists on the subject (at least not to our knowledge), it is quite simple to list the best known that everyone, even your grandmother, has already used at least once in their life :

  • CTRL+C : to copy
  • CTRL+X : cut
  • Ctrl+V : to stick on
  • CTRL+A : select all
  • CTRL+Z : to cancel
  • Ctrl+Y : to re-establish
  • CTRL+P : to print
  • Alt + F4 : close a window or an application
  • Ctrl + Alt + Del : lock, logout or task manager menu

But once out of these basics that we now learn at school from an early age, some other shortcuts have an even more important function for your daily comfort.

The untimely closing of tabs, soon a distant memory

If you work in a company and more particularly in an open space, the most important order to date is undoubtedly “Windows key + L”, which has the immediate effect of putting your session to sleep. Convenient when your boss or a colleague who is a little too clumsy goes over your shoulder…

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Another very handy shortcut, “Windows Keys + Shift + S” launches the latest built-in Windows “Snipping Tool”. With this you can make free rectangular screenshots or save entire windows. Extremely practical and powerful!

the Snipping Tool, also an unknown tool

Finally, and this is the whole subject of this article, apart from web pages that do not load or ads that are too intrusive, what annoys you the most on a daily basis when you surf the net? This question regularly comes up with the same answer from our colleagues: the untimely closing of tabs when you surf the net, whether with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.

How many times have you accidentally closed a tab and been unable to find the article you were reading?

Fortunately, for this too there is a shortcut and it is far too little known! His own combination, so it’s the famous “Ctrl + Shift + T” (Cmd + Mat + T on Mac). And if it seems quite anecdotal like that on paper, in reality, once you’ve tasted it, you won’t be able to do without it!

By the way, speaking of tabs closed by mistake, there are actually several methods to fix this error.

– The first is to go to your browsing history, which you can find by clicking on the 3 small dots at the top right of your browser or by using the shortcut “Ctrl+H”.

"Ctrl+Shift+T" : the little-known Windows shortcut that will change your life

– Second method, still in Chrome, the command “Ctrl + Shift + A” allows you to see at a glance all your open tabs but also your “recently closed” tabs.

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"Ctrl+Shift+T" : the little-known Windows shortcut that will change your life

– Finally, last solution, on the taskbar, by right-clicking on the Chrome or Edge icon, a list of recently closed tabs is also available and allows you, there too, to quickly restore a tab gone too early…

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