Cult of the Lamb Followers Guide: How to Get Followers and Keep Them Happy

What is a sect without Followers? Well, it’s just someone standing around yelling the rules at themselves. In cult of the lambFFollowers are a bit difficult to keep as they have many needs and wants, and some are a bit weird.

Though they have their quirks, your Followers are beneficial if you treat them right, and they’ll keep your cult thriving by mining stone, cutting down trees for wood, and even tending your lush garden.

This Cult of the Lamb guide tells you how to get followers, why they’re important to keeping the faith, and how to make sure they stay healthy.

How to acquire followers

So how do you get these highly coveted followers? In four easy ways!

  • dungeons: You can go through dungeons and save them from the crazy and bloodthirsty monsters inside.
  • bosses: Each boss at the end of each dungeon also turns into a scared little follower looking for a home, so you can catch them that way.
  • helob: As you progress, you will be able to rescue followers from a very greedy spider named Helob; you can pay Helob with coins to prevent followers from being eaten.
  • side quests: Your current followers will also give you side quests that allow you to receive new followers. However, be sure to read the quest descriptions very carefully before accepting them, because some of the Followers may be sick, already rebelling against the cult, or extremely old.

Why followers are important

Followers are essential for many reasons, but generate Devotionwhich is super vital in Cult of the Lamb. When followers worship you, they generate Devotion for you to collect. In order to collect Devotion, you need to have a shrine built, one of the first quests you get when you start the game, so no issues there.

devotion unlocks divine inspiration, and Divine Inspiration unlocks buildings for you to build for your Cult through the Sanctuary. These buildings range from jails to house your extremely upset followers trying to coerce others out of your cult to cute little farm plots for you to build a farm from scratch.

Followers can also help plot to collect wood, stone, and other resources while you’re away, which helps a lot in the late game.

Keep in mind that Followers will also be hungry, like any life form, so be sure to search and collect ingredients to prepare meals for them, or they will quickly starve to death.

Keep the faith and devotion flowing

You must maintain the Faith within your Cult at all times. If your follower’s faith falls too low, they will begin to dissent against you and may eventually leave the Cult or force others to dissent as well. This is bad news because once they get mad and stand on your rostrum, it’s hard to win back their Loyalty.

to keep the faith, feed, care, give gifts and deliver sermons to your followers daily. To increase your loyalty and faith, be sure to bless followers daily to get a +5 loyalty boost.

sermon delivery draw power from your followers and make you stronger, allowing you to unlock weapons, abilities, and curses that become vital as you progress. Followers with a higher Loyalty level will generate more Devotion, which means the more followers you have, the more Loyalty you can produceleading to more abilities, weapons, and curses for you to use on your journey through the dungeons of Old Faith.

Followers also level up through Loyalty, so the more Loyalty they have, the more Level Followers they will have, and that means better rewards for you!

Sometimes it can be hard to remember to keep up with your followers as you make your way through the dungeons. This is where Rituals become quite useful. Depending on the Ritual, you can fully recharge the Follower’s Hunger bar with the Banquet Ritual or recharge their Faith by performing a Bonfire Ritual.

Do you have a follower who has dissented and is now spreading false information about you as a leader? Slaughter him and prevent him from leading your herd astray by performing the Flesh Sacrifice ritual. There are several options to choose from in terms of Ritualsand many of them help maintain the quality of life within their ranks.

Keep your followers healthy

Followers can also get seriously ill and not only vomit all over the plot, but also poop everywhere. Keeping areas clean and hygienic is a sure way to keep Followers healthy and do their bidding, so be sure to sweep up droppings so they don’t make each other sick.

Your followers can get sick if they eat something that makes them sick, so be careful what you cook for them. One of your followers will ask you to cook him a bowl of poop, which will immediately make him sick. To care for a sick follower, send them to bed to sleepor take them to a healing bay and use camellia flowers to get them back up and running in a matter of seconds.

Followers can also get sick if you allow fallen Followers to rot and decay in the plot, so be sure to bury them to prevent the spread of disease as well.

If you get tired of cleaning up the dirt yourself, you can build a cleaning station for them to clean up after themselves, or even better, a Exhibit so they can relieve themselves in a sanitary area instead of a bush.

Keeping all of your Followers happy and healthy is hard enough, not to mention keeping them Loyal and totally dedicated to you. Hopefully, with this guide, you’ll have more confidence in how to keep them bowing to you and smiling non-stop over bowls of fruit. For more tips, take a look at our other cult of the lamb articlesincluding our complete guide to doctrines.

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