Cyberpunk 2077: Second Conflict – Should I Pick Henry or Denny?

cyberpunk 2077 has many quests that have various outcomes, and the quest Second Conflict it’s no different, though most of the changes in this quest aren’t due to what you choose to do here, but rather because of what you’ve chosen to do in the past. However, one key decision comes at the end and will affect how Johnny’s quest line plays out: Should you choose Denny or Henry?


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We’ve talked about searching. the truck finally, with both complete guide to all results and details about how to save brick and these decisions will drastically change the way this mission unfolds. The Pickup is a fairly early story mission, so it’s too late to change the outcome at this point in the game, but if you ever decide to play it again, it’s good to keep these decisions in mind and take a look at our guides. , so that you make the right decision. Now that you’re out of the way, read below for everything you need to know to make the right decisions in this guide.

Updated June 22, 2022 by Henry Moore: A key aspect of this quest is the final decision, should I choose Denny or Henry? They are both close friends from Johnny’s past, and both feel that they should be the ones to join the band reunion. But you can only choose one, so who will you choose in Cyberpunk 2077, Henry or Denny?

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Completing the second conflict with Brick in Cyberpunk 2077

Before you get to the key pick in this quest, you’ll need to find Nancy, who is currently engaging in a bit of investigative journalism with the maelstrom of gangs. This will play out differently depending on how you’ve performed in a previous story mission.

Second Conflict is a later part of the Johnny Silverhand quest chain, many of Johnny’s related side jobs will allow you to collect a piece of his clothing or gear. Each piece you own increases your connection to him.

If you managed to follow our guide to save Brick, then this quest will be very easy. Brick will be present at the site, and his gratitude to you for saving his life in The Pickup will lead him to help you with whatever you need, making sure you can get out of this quest in peace.

If you pissed off Maelstrom early in the game’s main story, this mission can turn violent very quickly.

Completing the second conflict with Patricia in Cyberpunk 2077

If The Pickup went wrong and both Maelstrom’s team and Brick don’t make it out alive, then you’ll be welcomed by patricia. Unfortunately, Patricia isn’t the best host, and meeting up with her will ensure that combat begins on this quest. If you run into Patricia, just be prepared to bolt out of the building after the meeting is over.

Completing the second conflict with Dum Dum and Royce in Cyberpunk 2077

if you meet dum dum and royce, then the most interesting result develops. In this eventuality, you will be able to acquire the information you need from Nancy, but getting out of the building will be more difficult. Yes, you can bolt, like in Patricia’s result, but you also have the opportunity to sneak.

If you’re trying to escape quietly, use the window in the bathroom area, sneak around the building, and then stick to the right wall to eventually be led up to the elevator; watch out for multiple enemies along the way.

Completing the second conflict will help unlock a quest called “Kill in the name” – this is a side job you complete with Royce

Should you pick Denny or Henry and what changes in Cyberpunk 2077?

Once all is said and done, you will leave the area with Nancy before heading to Denny’s mansion. You are looking for denny and henry – Look for tire tracks and you can find them at the back of the building, arguing.

While this quest doesn’t have a huge impact on the ending of the game, completing Johnny’s questline will increase your connection, possibly unlocking the secret ending.

Only one of them will show up at the concert they’re arguing about, and your dialogue choices will make the decision. nothing really changes after this, so choose who you consider most deserving.

Denny claims that Henry is drunk and will ruin the concert, just like he did his garden. Meanwhile, Henry claims that Denny is stuck up and should learn to have more fun. Whichever one you pick won’t profoundly affect the quest line, but you should pick whatever character you think is good.

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