‘Dancing with the Stars’ becomes a Disney Plus exclusive

Image via ABC

The dancing with the stars ballroom is headed to Disney Plus in a significant move for the partnership and a first for the streaming platform. DWTS will be the first live competition series to air on Disney Plus, and it’s exciting to get started.

Deadline first shared the news this morning along with the announcement that dancing with the stars has been greenlit for two more seasons.

ETAP has received a two-year payback, for seasons 31 and 32, and will debut exclusively on Disney+ this fall in the US and Canada, becoming the first live series to debut on the service.”

ETAP is the famous host of Disney night each season, where dance partners dress like Disney greats and dance to famous hits. From beloved characters to feared villains, it’s an exciting prospect to know that the series is now on the ever-growing streaming service.

So what will you watch on Monday nights when ETAP accustomed to the air Fear not; ABC already has plans for that time slot. Deadline shared the following note from ABC:

“After more than 30 seasons of the show on ABC, including two spin-offs, dancing with the stars will be moving away from ABC this fall for the network to show several Monday night football games, as well as developing and investing in new and future programming.”

Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution President Kareem Daniel shared the following statement, further showing Disney’s enthusiasm for dancing with the stars to join their ranks.

dancing with the stars has been entertaining fans for 16 years on ABC, and we’re excited to bring this beloved show exclusively to Disney+ as the platform’s first live series. The show’s broad appeal, as well as the overwhelming popularity of its Disney-themed competition nights, make Disney+ the perfect home for dancing with the stars as we continue to expand our demographic reach.”

Without a doubt, fans will be moving to Disney Plus to catch ETAP in the future, and some may even find new favorites to enjoy along with it. The Disney Plus umbrella features fan-favorite shows and movies, short films, documentaries and specials, and live competition programming now joins the ranks.

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