Dark Souls 3 servers have quietly come back online

The Dark Souls 3 servers are back online, but there has been no official news about it from the developer. FromSoftware announced earlier this week that there was an ongoing “issue” trying to log in to the RPG game’s servers via Steam, but did not provide further details or an estimated timeframe for fixing it. Today, that solution seems to have arrived.

Naturally, this will come as a relief to Dark Souls players, who had been adjusting to what they assumed could be another extended period of server downtime. A code exploit spotted during Elden Ring beta testing shut down the PC servers for the entire Dark Souls series, and the Dark Souls III servers had only just been brought back online in August.

We’ve done some brief testing and you can indeed now log into the Dark Souls III servers on Steam, although this may be temporary. Without news from the company, it is impossible to know if things are fixed or if this is just a temporary status.

FromSoftware hasn’t officially made any statement that we can find about reinstating Steam logins for Dark Souls III, which is in keeping with the developer’s minimalistic approach to communication.

Still, there’s not much point in complaining about the restoration of multiplayer and online functionality in one of the best RPGs ever made.

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