DC Fans Debate Whether ‘The Batman’ Universe Should Be Kept Separate

With the cancellation of Bat girl, the current incarnation of the DCEU seems to be on the verge of dying out. Warner Bros has confirmed that it is going to “reset” the continuity, so movies like Flash, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Black Adam, Y Shazam! fury of the gods may be the last gasp of what started with Iron Man nearly a decade ago.

But many have noted that Warner Bros may already have a place to start over. the batman it’s completely separate from the existing DCEU and is fertile territory for new narratives. But can the very grounded world we saw in the Matt Reeves movie really expand to encompass aliens, magic, and genuine superpowers?

Fans at r/DC_Cinematic are busy debating the pros and cons of a topic, asking if the batman Should this be the start of a new universe or something of its own without other superheroes?

The most voted answer imagines a progression similar to what happened with Batman: The Animated Series. That show started out relatively small, but slowly expanded outward to encompass the weirder parts of the DC Universe. That eventually resulted in crosses with Superman: The Animated Series and eventually League of Justice Y Justice League Unlimited. Perhaps the only problem with that approach is that while serial television can gradually introduce crossovers, it’s much more difficult to pull it off in movies.

Others say that the most important thing is to let Matt Reeves complete his story. the batman It showed that he has a very particular vision of Gotham City and his version of Batman, so it is important to allow him to at least complete a trilogy of films before trying to shoe other heroes. This makes sense to us, as nothing bogs down a movie more than filling it with sequel hooks.

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We should have a better idea of ​​where Warner Bros is headed soon, though hopefully they’ve learned some hard lessons after the chaos and mismanagement of the DCEU thus far..

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