Dead By Daylight: 7 Best Sabotage Builds For Survivors

survivors in dead by daylight They may not have terrifying powers like the assassins in the game, but they certainly have plenty of tricks of their own. From blessing totems to paddle stuns, there are plenty of ways survivors can make the killer feel like the weakest player in the lobby. One way to save other survivors and thwart the killer is to create a survivor focused on sabotage. Survivors can destroy hooks in different ways in dead by daylight.

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the first and The most accessible way to destroy hooks is through a toolbox, whether it’s found in a survivor’s bloodweb or inside a chest on the map. The second main way to destroy hooks is with Jake Park. Spoiler benefit. Finally, the survivors are able to destroy the hooks they were stuck on after being unhooked by Jeff Johansen’s hook. “Breakdown” benefit. There are builds focused on these advantages, but all of these builds will be most effective with a green or higher quality toolbox, along with the “Protective Gloves” and “Hacksaw” toolbox add-ons.

7 The unhooked construction

Required Benefits:

  • We’ll Make It (Default Survivor Perk)

  • Borrowed Time (Bill Overbeck benefit)

  • Deliverance (Adam Francis Perk)

  • Resilience (Default Survivor Perk)

This construction is meant to be played with a good toolbox and item plugins focused on sabotaging hooks. the advantages themselves do not directly benefit sabotage, but they act as a great way to ensure the safety of an unhooked survivor while the player sabotages the hook who have just been rescued. Assassins will often use the same hooks if it’s convenient after a rescue, so destroying them after unhooking them can be quite frustrating for the assassin.

This construction ensures the safety of the rescued survivor with Borrowed time that grants them a protection hit of up to 12 seconds, Y We’ll Make It allows the player to quickly heal the rescued Survivor. If the player is injured or hooked, The release and resiliency will help them if there are no teammates around.

6 Building Item Recovery

Required Benefits:

  • Built to last (Felix Richter benefit)

  • Streetwise (Nea Karlsson benefit)

  • Adrenaline (Meg Thomas Perk)

  • Any Means Necessary (Yui Kimura Perk)

This construction is completely focused on preserving the toolbox that the player brings to the game. Built to Last can retrieve charges from the toolbox and Streetwise will slow down the rate at which charges are used. Players using this setup may not be able to heal themselves as they will not have a medkit. The adrenaline will ensure that the player has a chance to escape, even if they are injured near the end of the game. Either way it’s a nice bonus that allows the player to replace dropped paddles as they progress through the map destroy hooks or repair generators.

5 The stealthy build

Required Benefits:

  • Chill (Default Survivor Perk)

  • Iron Will (Jake Park buff)

  • Sprint Burst (Meg Thomas buff)

  • Urban Evasion (Nea Karlsson benefit)

Sneaky Assassins are some of the most difficult Assassins to master. dead by daylight. On a similar note, it can be difficult to avoid the killer while playing as a survivor. Stealth is a key part of avoiding a chase, and this build allows Survivors to be stealthy. Y destructive towards hooks. players you must bring a toolbox with the “Protective Gloves” add-on a avoid notifying the killer when you are sabotaging!

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This build allows players know when the killer is coming through Spine Chill procs. Hopefully, they can stay low and stealthy using the increased crouch speed that Urban Evasion offers. If injured, the player he should be able to hide from the killer by using Iron Will to suppress his character’s cries of pain. Finally, Every good stealth mission needs an escape plan.Sprint Burst will allow the player to gain a head start if the killer finds them.

4 building release

Required Benefits:

  • Deliverance (Adam Francis Perk)

  • Breakdown (Jeff Johansen benefit)

  • Resurgence (Jill Valentine benefit)

  • Unofficially (Zarina Kassir Perk)

It’s usually not good to get hooked as a survivor, but this build is meant to make the most of it. Players running this build will need to make sure to activate Deliverance (perform a Safe Hook rescue) as soon as you can. With Deliverance up, players can decide when to use it. The moment depends on the player, but know that with Breakdown, the hook the player breaks free from will break. This will trigger Off the Record, hopefully allowing players to quietly escape the killer, and Resurgence will allow the player to heal much faster after being unhooked.

3 The construction of the article

Required Benefits:

  • Built to last (Felix Richter benefit)

  • Raider Instinct (Default Survivor Perk)

  • Saboteur (Jake Park benefit)

  • Ace in the hole (Ace Visconti Perk)

Similar to “Item Recovery Compilation” this build focuses on the item the player is carrying. players You don’t necessarily have to bring a toolbox with this build, as Saboteur allows players to sabotage without a toolbox. Players can use Plunderer’s Instinct and Ace in the Hole to find some high quality items in the chests on the map and hopefully use Built to Last to make these items last longer. If no toolbox is found, trust Saboteur to get rid of the hooks!

two The Self-Sufficient Saboteur Build

Required Benefits:

  • Saboteur (Jake Park benefit)

  • Windows of Opportunity (Kate Denson Perk)

  • Dead Hard (David King advantage)

  • Build to Last (Felix Richter benefit)

Sometimes a player has to rely on himself. This construction is quite flexible and doesn’t necessarily need a toolbox thanks to saboteur. However, should players bring one or find one, Built to Last will help maintain its usefulness throughout the match.

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Dead Hard and Windows of Opportunity are great perks for escaping a chase. These will come in handy if the killer finds the player sabotaging or doing anything else on the map. These two buffs are generally powerful across all builds and are often used, so keep in mind that the killer may assume that Dead Hard is in play and will try to provoke it!

1 The construction of the altruistic saboteur

Required Benefits:

  • Saboteur (Jake Park benefit)

  • Leak (Yiu Kimura buff)

  • Leader (Dwight Fairfield benefit)

  • Flashbang (Leon S. Kennedy benefit)

This is the the most difficult of the sabotage builds to play, but also the most rewarding. requires good communication with colleagues if possible and will ask the player to put themselves in harm’s way for their fellow survivors. The goal behind this construction is tamper hooks weather the killer brings them survivors. That’s right, the player using this build will need to be able to read the situation well and sabotage before the killer can place the downed survivor on a hook.

Players using this version should bring the best toolbox they can with speed and efficiency plugins to sabotage. They will need to use Saboteur to see the hook auras around the killer and try to guess which one will be used. Being close to the killer is enough for Breakout to activate, concession a bonus to the transported survivor’s movement efforts. If playing with friends, the player can also try and uses Leader if a friend is closer to the hook, allowing them to sabotage it even faster. Finally, if the transported player escapes with the help of Breakout, the player using this setup can throw a Flashbang to prevent their friend from being recaptured in the subsequent chase. keep that in mind carrying a Flashbang avoids the use of a toolbox, so Only do this once the toolbox is depleted, or give the toolbox to a friend!

dead by daylight is available on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, Steam, IOS and many other platforms.

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