Dead By Daylight: All 13 Twisted Masquerade Skins, Ranked

The Twisted Masquerade has begun in Dead By Daylight. And with it, we’ll get some nice bonuses, some decorations, a mini-Tome, and of course some sweet cosmetics, most of which are the various skins you can earn during a trial.

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While they look cool and are a pretty good incentive to stand out in even the worst matches, some of them are just cooler than others, either because of how well it references their lore, just because of how good it looks on them. or both. Which skins will turn heads and make you the talk of the trial and which ones are clunky? Here are all of them, ranked.


13 the trickster

Of all the skins, The Trickster’s is by far the most eye-catching. Just look at it: the grotesque, toothy grin like Jim Carrey’s mask combined with a cartoonish grin, the spikes and folds meant to evoke gold fabric and feathers, all looking as expensive as it is ugly.

It makes a strange sense, as it is clearly intended to evoke the image of the comedy and tragedy masks of classical theater and The Trickster is nothing if not dramatic. And the image of the feathers is also online, as he likes the peacock very much, but he is also supposed to be beautiful, someone handsome enough to attract his victims and this mask is just not that.

12 As Visconti

Ace Visconti is a born gambler whose luck bites his teeth, and his lore is steeped in stories from his time in Las Vegas. So in that sense, his mask is very thematically appropriate. It’s a shame that he looks so vulgar.

Sure, the gold accents give it an air of aristocratic legitimacy and the card suit accents on the main part of the mask are a nice touch. If only they would stop there. Unfortunately, much like Ace himself, the designers simply tried their luck, adding the fanned cards to the sides, pushing this skin into Party City bargain territory.

eleven The spirit

This mask, in theory, is great. It’s an Oni mask done in the Twisted Masquerade style, a nice nod to The Spirit’s heritage. The floating broken pieces of the mask are also a nice visual nod to the broken and rebuilt Rin Yamaoka.

If only it wasn’t a disaster. There’s too much going on and it’s hard to tell what it’s supposed to be, so it looks like a mess of golden shards approximating a mask.

10 mikaela reid

Mikaela’s skin is pretty, but a bit underwhelming as it lacks her already established visual style. The star is cute, but they missed out on adding some crescent moon accents, or even a black cat if they wanted to lean into their Halloween witch aesthetic.

Instead, we get a relatively simple skin that, while not ugly, feels like a missed opportunity. Worse, he comes paired with his standard hat and bushy hair, making the already plain mask even harder to see.

9 the trapper

The Trapper’s skin has a simple elegance to it, essentially functioning as a sleek skin version of his default skin, radiating the menace and inhumanity that his default look has, but with a bit of aristocratic sophistication.

It’s also simple, but not in an unpleasant way. It’s better to look like this, rather than trying to fit your bear traps into the design and push it into garish territory. It’s a shame she doesn’t have a full outfit based on the mask, as her usual outfit is quite out of tune with her.

8 haddie kaur

Haddie is supposed to be one of the guests of honor at this little soiree that The Entity is hosting, the other being The Dredge, so it’s a bit sad that she has one of the simplest masks of them all. Granted, she’s a ghostbuster announcer, so there’s not much you can add to the mask with that theme, without making the mask look vulgar.

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However, the mask is part of a complete outfit, a classy touch to an outfit that gives it a mysterious appeal, so simplicity isn’t really an issue.

7 elodie rakoto

Elodie has a cute and simply elegant mask with a bold flourish of feathers, which shows The Trickster a thing or two about the peacock. However, the design of the Eiffel Tower, probably a reference to her Parisian upbringing, is a bit exaggerated.

Then again, masquerade masks are meant to stand out as much as they hide, so perhaps a gold Eiffel Tower on your face is on the safe side of being too much.

6 Jane Romero

Jane is a quintessential reporter, but that’s not really a job you can fit into a fancy skin, so the designers took the safe route and gave her a really cool looking skin.

The blue rose is a beautiful centerpiece, as it not only makes the mask stand out, it may even be the only reference to its lore, i.e. it evokes a blue desert rose, and the Entity happened to be took her. in the middle of a desert.

5 Yui Kimura

Continuing the steampunk look that established her Miss Speedway outfit for the Blight event, this mask sports the nice brass and rivet look that the style is known for. It is also one of the few Twisted Masquerade masks to have lenses on the eyes, giving Yui a blue gaze.

In an interesting, if hard-to-see, touch, the glass of the goggles is covered in cobwebs, reminiscent of how bikers, even those as skilled as Yui, can end up crashing.

4 The hunter

One of the meaner skins in the collection, this lupine helm actually looks like something The Huntress would wear, but fancier. He has a habit of wearing animal masks, so it probably wasn’t much of a leap to design this.

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It’s pretty well designed, with the bright gold failing to be flashy with the blue on the muzzle breaking it up nicely. This mask also has black lenses that give the impression of a soulless killing machine.

3 The artist

As The Artist, Carmina Mora would probably feel right at home in a masquerade and as a servant of The Entity, she’d probably feel right at home in Twisted Masquerade too, with all its significant pomp, circumstance and masks.

Her mask is all wings, which makes sense given her connection to ravens and when it comes to being big and flashy, she rules. The gold and blue work really well with her black and her red outfit, with the gold lipstick and shiny black markings on the part of her face really bringing it all together. She also has one of the best Moris in the game.

two Dwight Fairfield

A queen is a queen, but there’s a lot of power in being a fool. And there’s no bigger fool in DBD than Dwight Fairfield, whose lore has him stumbling into the realm of The Entity after being dumped by some co-workers.

In the community, he is considered a bit of a darling, and the variegated is a fitting crown for him. That it’s somehow not even the flashiest skin in the collection speaks volumes about how good it looks.

1 death sling

East. This is the meanest and best designed mask from Twisted Masquerade. It’s almost perfect, actually, and perfectly suited for the resident slasher/bounty hunter of the cowboy era.

It’s an intimidating piece, to be sure, as it’s essentially a golden deer skull wearing a cowboy hat.

Twisted Masquerade’s gold and blue motif doesn’t dull its effect either, as it’s still quite scary, just more stylish. Hopefully one day they’ll give him a matching outfit, as it would probably clean up pretty well and look scary when he shoots you because you activated Hex: Retribution.

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