Dead Space: A very practical feature deliberately set aside by the developers

Game news Dead Space: A very practical feature deliberately set aside by the developers

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The remake of Dead Space left out a very practical feature, considered at the start of development.

THE Motive developers answered a question and answer session with the fans of Dead Space, in which they notably talk about a feature in particular, discontinued under development.

Dead Space, we could have had a “quick-turn”

THE Dead Space remake picks up the gameplay and story of the first episodeimproves it, y add some stuff of the following episodes, all for modernize the game. This gives a quality episode, bringing up to date a game that is certainly dated, but still exciting and playing on the emotions of the players, in particular, obviously, anguish. If one of the coolest added features is the fact that the ship can be traversed in one block, with no loading timeanother feature of modern games could have been added, but was abandoned during development: the “quick-turn”

The quick U-turn was “breaking the fight loop”

In Q&A session with their fans on Redditthe developers of Motive have indeed broached the subject of quick U-turn, found in many modern games : they considered it, but functionality has been dropped.

Question: Were there any changes you wanted to make but decided not to, either for lack of resources or after deciding it would be too much? I personally liked every change the whole team made, I wasn’t sure what it would look like, but it was in the spirit of the original. (…)

Answer: At first we wanted add a quick 180 degree U-turn for Isaac. But we decided not to because this was breaking Dead Space’s combat loop. The core of Dead Space’s combat loop is a frightening and almost unstoppable threat that falls on you. If you can turn around and run away too fast, it changes the combat experience a lot. So we ended up removing this feature. (…)

Response from Roman, Creative Director of Dead Space Remake at Motive Studios

Dead Space: A very practical feature deliberately set aside by the developers

Motive was right to remove this feature?

We quickly understand what the creative director wanted to say, when we see gameplay images of the game. In Dead Space, a classic and very recurring situation that will happen to you is to see an enemy landing behind your backoff-screen, just when you thought you were safe. If you can turn around at the push of a button, it becomes much easier never to be touched, or very rarely. Same, if the enemy is coming from the front, turning around to flee makes it less scary. It is therefore a feature that is certainly very practical, but would surely have distorted the game a little too much as it was thought and appreciated by the players originally. Motive therefore seems to have made the right choice by giving up this idea under development.

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Dead Space is available since January 27 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.

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