Deathloop and the DualSense controller

Game News Deathloop and the DualSense controller

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Since September 20, Deathloop has been included in PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium. Between innovative multiplayer and specific DualSense features, this period seems the best time to enjoy the latest from Arkane studios on PlayStation 5.

Developed specifically for PlayStation 5, certain in-game tactile sensations such as when jamming weapons or moving on certain surfaces of death loop make the experience unique thanks to the haptic feedback or to adaptive triggers of the DualSense wireless controller.

Published by Bethesda, death loop is not just a new FPS developed by the Lyonnais from Arkane, to whom we also owe the Dishonored series.

Based on a system of time loop, death loop turns every death into an opportunity to start the same day again in a slightly different way. The main goal : go out of the loop by solving puzzles discreetly and especially by murdering 8 targets quite precise.

The game is played in single player or versus mode, an online player embodying Juliana, your worst enemy, another assassin with diametrically opposed goals: protect the loop and the 8 targets to be killed. Achieving these goals only goes through his main objective, which is to eliminate you.

The killer’s panoply in loop, in Versus and in your hands

From the PlayStation Plus Extra subscription, you will be able to enjoy death loop at no additional cost and face your opponent online. Above all, you will have a controller that will allow you to enhance the many weapons at your disposal.

If the DualSense trigger is blocked, your weapon is jammed. Advantage for you: you feel the jamming in the controller before its screen animationgiving you plenty of time to get another weapon.

For some models like the PT-6 Spikerand its particular recharging system – the player pours the nails into the gun -, every nail that falls into the magazine feels in your hands thanks to haptic feedback. When he walks again, after your character has given him two or three well-placed blows – which you will feel – the resistance of the adaptive trigger will be back while aiming, as well as the retreat caused by shooting.

Pure sensations

Weapons are good, wandering around Blackreef Island too. Walk, run, slide, climb, teleport, stealth, every way you move will cause a different feedback to the controller, just like the surface on which you evolve: the friction on the rock while climbing will manifest differently in your hands than a walk on parquet or a fall in the powder.

Sound level, the DualSense is equipped with a loudspeaker, and death loop don’t hesitate. For example, you will dynamically hear each ball that passes a little too close to your head. Or Juliana’s “murderous” phrases in your walkie-talkie. Same thing when your magazine is empty: the “click” as characteristic as it is distressing will tell you, or confirm to you, that you are out of ammunition. A few other audio surprises are waiting for you, we leave the pleasure of discovery to you.

New “Golden Loop” Update

Deathloop and the DualSense controller

As a happiness never comes alone, death loop just welcomed a brand new update. On the menu :

  • the crossplay is now available between PC (Steam and Epic Games), PlayStation and Xbox
  • 4 new improvements come to enrich the capacity of masquerade of Julianna in multiplayer mode
  • The “fugue module”, a new skill which allows you to confuse enemies
  • The “ALLY prototype”, a new rifle laser
  • 19 new types of charms 2 in 1
  • A new Eternalist enemy type, the “Explosive Painter”
  • New narrative elements for the end game
  • And a few other surprises

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All the benefits of the new PlayStation Plus

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