Deathloop update Goldenloop: where to find everything new

Deathloop is finally coming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass, and Arkane has released new content across all game platforms to celebrate. The Goldenloop update adds a new weapon, a new boss, a new slab, and an extended ending. All of the new content is designed to make your journey through Deathloop a little easier, so here you can find all of the new stuff added as part of the Goldenloop update.

Halps Prototype Weapon

The Halps Prototype is a powerful laser pistol.

The biggest edition of the Goldenloop update is the addition of the Halps Prototype, a new laser pistol that is very powerful and has a large ammo capacity. The Halps prototype can be found in The Compound in Dr. Wenjie’s lab. The Halps is hidden in the corner of the green building. You can use the weapon to destroy its container and grab it or return at night when Dr. Wenjie takes the weapon out of its case. This powerful weapon can incinerate most enemies, including Visionaries, in an instant. Check out GameSpot’s Halps Prototype weapon guide for a more detailed explanation of how to acquire the weapon.

vanishing slab

The Vanishing Slab can be picked up from the collector in Karl's Bay.
The Vanishing Slab can be picked up from the collector in Karl’s Bay.

The Vanishing Slab can be acquired by defeating the Garbage Collector in Karl’s Bay. Head to the bay in the afternoon and head to the side of the cliff near where you enter the map, on your right side after exiting the tunnels. You should see a bunch of water with a plane on the right hand side. In this area there is a tunnel that goes down to the trash compactor area. Down here is where you can find the Garbage Collector, who has Frank’s Slab, the Vanishing Slab.

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Now the Collector is an incredibly tough enemy. He is dressed in white armor that is completely bulletproof or makes him really resistant to it. After unloading all my ammo and grenades on it, it was still completely out of date. Instead, use stealth to kill the Collector. It’s hidden in a back room that you’ll need to open by shooting a button through a crack in the wall or by opening a door with a mine attached to it. Either way, the Collector will be alerted to your presence, so either let him loose and walk away, or use a Stealth Slab to sneak up on him. He can be taken down in one shot by sneaking up and stabbing him. Killing him grants the Vanishing Slab, which makes enemies sick.

trinket machine

This machine in Karl's Bay awards some high quality trinkets.
This machine in Karl’s Bay awards some high quality trinkets.

Another addition is the Trinket Machine, which creates multiple high-tier trinkets, including orange rarity trinkets. That means you can get a powerful upgrade pretty early in the game, as long as you know where to look.

Head to Karl’s Bay in the morning and exit the tunnels on the path to the left. Head outside and you will see a red building that says “Forever Young man Drunk.” Head inside the building and there will be an audio recorder on the right hand side of the first floor detailing some foreverists doing a science experiment here in the afternoon.

Return to Karl’s Bay in the afternoon and return to the same building. There will be a couple of foreverists there and the Trinket Machine will be in the building. There is a portable waste harvester on the table next to the machine. You need to take this and fill it up to dial two. An in-game note says that the more Residuum you put into the machine, the better the rewards, so you might want to fill it up completely, but get two orange and one purple rarity trinkets. You can run around and find enough items with Residuum or you can interact with the other machine on the left, next to the whiteboard. This machine summons foreverists from different loops that are filled with Residuum. Activation will spawn these special enemies for four minutes, and their locations will be indicated by beams of light shooting out of the sky.

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Once you have collected enough residue, return to the machine and load the combine. Now once the machine is active it will alert all nearby foreverists and they will come attack you. There is a turret in the basement of this building that you can hack and set up, but be prepared for a fight. Once the machine finishes its process, you will be awarded various high-quality trinkets.

Masquerade Upgrades

Masquerade Slab, Julianna’s ability that you use in invasion mode, now has its own upgrade options. You can acquire these upgrades by playing invasion mode as Julianna and successfully taking down Colt.

The updates are:

  • Set: Target up to three NPCs with Masquerade
  • Mend: Regenerate health while using Masquerade on an NPC
  • Expose – When an NPC affected by Masquerade dies or detects Colt, Colt is automatically tagged
  • Incognito: Damage taken while using Masquerade is converted into energy

new enemies

The new paint bombers can be spotted by looking for the glowing sticks on their backs.
The new paint bombers can be spotted by looking for the glowing sticks on their backs.

Goldenloop adds a new group of enemies and a boss type enemy to Deathloop. The boss enemy is the Garbage Collector, who is the guardian of the Vanishing Slab, which can be found in Karl’s Bay in the afternoon. The new enemy type is the eternal paint bomber. As the name suggests, these Eternalists run around with paint bombs strapped to them. If they see you, they will activate the bombs and start chasing you. If you take them out before they trigger their bombs, you can pick up the paint bombs and throw them at enemies.

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