Deathverse: Let It Die — How to Craft Weapons

To start gathering your arsenal of weapons and crafting them in Deathverse: let him die, you’ll have to pay Admiral Honda a visit. Honda is a Nutcracker puppet who lives in a hole in the wall behind the poster in your character’s room. He emerges when you enter the crafting menu and tells you that he was “waiting for you”. Nothing creepy about that.

Will talk to Honda a lot as it goes death verse, since he is the guardian of all his new equipment. First, though, you’ll need two things: crafting materials Y killing coins (KC), the main currency of the game, which is obtained by playing matches and completing challenges.

How to Get Crafting Materials in Deathverse: Let It Die

To access:

You will get something every time you start the game as a daily login bonus. These loyalty rewards are usually KC that you can spend on materials or materials themselves, including cables, bicarbonates, and metals. Nice and easy!

Visit the store:

Charmingly subtitled Uncle Prime’s Shopping Hell, the shop offers daily rotating stock, priced at KC1,000 for one-star materials and KC10,000 for two-star materials. The store also provides you with one free material per day to claim.

You can also exchange material tickets (earned as rewards for completing challenges, or in the Jamboree Pass) or T-chips for higher quality materials in the store. Not much has been revealed about the T-Chips just yet, but given their resemblance to a certain streaming platform, it makes sense that they would have to do with the upcoming Twitch integration, which will stream a random match to the game’s official account. the jamboree pass It is also full of handcrafted pieces.

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Participate in the Death Jamboree:

You will start to accumulate crafting materials for each game you play. They are scattered everywhere, whether in the open air or in destructible stage fragments. Hunter Cryptids, the various monsters that roam the battlefield, always drop something when they die. The game also gives out rewards for completing matches and leveling up. He is particularly generous if you win a match.

Split other elements in crafting:

In the classic style of survival games, you can convert your excess low-quality items into higher-tier gear of the same type, in a ratio of 10 to one. For example, 10 one-star Illuminium will give you a two-star Garminium. This is done in the crafting menu.

How to craft weapons

Now that you’ve collected a plethora of materials, it’s almost time to get your hands on something shiny and new to hit the streets. But first, there are a few steps.

At launch, there five categories of weapons: machete, katana, hammer, arms and circular saw. Each of these has three variations, all with unique abilities, killing blows, and bonuses.

You start the game with the basic versions of the machete, katana, and hammer, with the arms and buzzsaw unlocked at player level 2. To gain access to the two additional weapons in each category, you’ll need to level up the weapon. base. to 10, using it at the Death Jamboree.

Creating them is just a few clicks away; From the main menu, go to the Crafting screen, which will display all the weapons you don’t already own. The right side of the screen will display the required materials and their quantity, the cost in KC, and any unlock conditions, i.e. are you a level 2 player or do you have enough XP on the base weapon.

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With these steps completed, you will have access to all 15 weapons currently available in Deathverse: let him die. However, you will have to grind the mats to unlock them all!

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