Destiny 2 Freelance Trials of Osiris May Become Permanent

Destiny 2’s Ultra-Competitive Trials of Osiris will be available on Freelance this weekend, and it looks like Bungie is considering making it a permanent feature for the multiplayer game. At the moment, Freelance is only available occasionally, allowing solo players to jump in and compete for some of the most coveted fashions in Destiny 2.

June 24-26 will be the first standalone Osiris tests of the new season of the Charmed Ones, and as the latest This Week at Bungie points out, it’s a chance for anyone curious about 3v3 to jump in and see things. Trials of Osiris pits two teams of three against each other in an Elimination variant, with the objective being to take down the opposing team. The first team to score five points wins the match, and the goal is to “go flawless” with nine wins in a row recorded on their scorecard.

Normally, Trials of Osiris requires preformed teams: you need two more players on your team in order to participate. Going into Trials as a Freelance adds matchmaking, and Destiny 2 will find you some Guardians to round out your squad.

Benjjyy, Leader of the Last Rites Destiny 2 Clan, asked Bungie on Twitter for “Permanent Freelance please and thank you”, replying to Bungie’s tweet promoting the latest This Week at Bungie post.

“We heard you on that,” bungie replied. “All your comments about Freelance, especially this one, are passed on to the team.”

It seems safe to say, then, that adding a permanent Freelance queue to Trials of Osiris is at least under active discussion at Bungie. While this would encourage more players to try Trials each weekend, some players are concerned that it may detract from the traditional pool of Trials players, as many may see matchmade Trials as an easier way to achieve perfection.

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Time will tell, as it often does.

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