Destiny 2 Gets New Iron Banner “Eruption” Mode in Season 18

Destiny 2’s Iron Banner PvP event changed Control mode to Rift during Season of the Charmed, but for Season 18, it will become more chaotic with the new Eruption mode. Eruption tasks players with earning kill streaks, with each new kill providing significant power-ups as the match progresses.

Bungie describes Eruption as “Clash with kill streak-based energy boosts” that starts with regular team deathmatch rules. One kill gives you one point, but two kills in a row will apply the “Surging” buff to your Guardian. With this effect active, players will start to glow and each new kill on their streak will generate 10% super energy and 20% grenade, melee, and class energy. They will also earn three points per elimination, and on the fifth kill, they will become “Ready”.

If they shine, then they must die.

Once ready, all members of your team will gain 5% super and 10% grenade energy, melee and class, while you will gain 12% super and 5% grenade energy, melee and class per kill, and three points per kill. The problem here is that a 15-second timer will be applied to him which will cause him to “explode” once he reaches zero, resetting his streak and ending the buffs for his teammates. And also kill you. For the opposing team, you will be visible to them on the map and they will earn three points every time they eliminate you.

Your own team can also see you wherever you are on the map, and more than one player can be ready at a time. The eruption will be exclusive to Iron Banner, which now only occurs twice per season. As for Rift, Bungie is not abandoning that mode and will be adding it to the weekly rotator in Season 18’s Crucible. Rift is being tweaked for next season and will have more standard overtime rules when it returns, while Multispark is also expected to make a comeback in a future season.

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Bungie says it wants to explore 3v3 Rift in the future as well, which will allow it to use smaller maps like Wormhaven and the slightly lopsided Burnout. There will also be smaller adjustments to the mode that will make it more competitive and faster. In other Destiny 2 news, the Solstice grind just got a little easier with this week’s patch, and Season 18 will kick off with a Destiny 2 showcase on August 23. You can check out the latest Iron Banter column to learn why the next raid should be Rise. of the superb Wrath of the Iron Machine.

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