Destiny 2 Season 18 Release Date, Exotics, and Everything We Know

Destiny 2’s upcoming seasonal update looks to be a big one, as it not only begins a sinister new chapter for Bungie’s sci-fi sandbox, but also adds a host of technical overhauls. For Season 18, Bungie has kept a tight lid on what fans can expect over the next several months, a tactic that usually involves something major happening in the world of Destiny 2.

While story details are being kept under wraps, Bungie has confirmed some of the changes to expect in Season 18.

Release date

Season 18 will begin on August 23 and will be preceded by a maintenance downtime. Bungie will also host a new Destiny 2 showcase on that day, so expect details on the season, future updates, and the first look at the upcoming expansion, Lightfall, on that day as well.

Season 18 Story Details

fate 2

As mentioned above, Bungie is keeping the story for Season 18 a closely guarded secret, but the brief synopsis it posted online hinted that something devastating would happen this year. With the Witness closing in on the Traveler, an army of Pyramid Fleet ships surrounding the solar system, and other major threats yet to be accounted for, Destiny 2 is laying more groundwork for the end of the Light saga and the Darkness.

“It has come. As we prepare for destiny to unfold, the people of the Last City look to the stars, to us, for hope,” reads the Season 18 description. “And while we have triumphed over odds impossible before, this time it feels different. But if there is no escape, our story will be one of bravery, one of legends.”

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Arch 3.0

Beginning with the introduction of Stasis in the 2020 Beyond Light expansion, subclasses have evolved in Destiny 2. The Witch Queen expansion would introduce Void 3.0, a revised skill selection with a debuff theme, while the introduction of Season of the Haunted Solar 3.0 focused on turning players into arsonists. All of these reworks have used a Skins and Shards system to help customize each subclass and, as players have discovered, the potential to create truly devastating builds when combined with certain Exotics.

Bungie hasn’t mentioned how Arc 3.0 will change the most electrifying subclass in Destiny 2, but it will likely build on the core traits of those powers to make them stand out from the Stasis, Void, and Solar options. Arc has generally been a subclass that amplifies the key traits of each Guardian archetype, such as turning Titans into human missiles, making Hunters perform acrobatic feats of destruction, and has transformed Warlocks into lightning wielders that can annihilate multiple enemies. enemies at once.

Exotic Weapon and Armor Tuning

Exotic weapons and armor are getting a big overhaul in Season 18, with Bungie recently confirming a number of changes for Lord of Wolves, Dead Man’s Tale, Collective Obligation, and Omnioculus. Many of these changes are focused on PvP, where these weapons are supreme, and include amplifying the “hip-firing cowboy rifle” fantasy from Dead Man’s Tale, adjusting Lord of Wolves’ signature feature, and addition of anti-Champion functionality to Le Monarque. , Thunderlord and Malfeasance Exotics.

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