Destiny 2: The 10 Best Swords, Ranked

Season of the Worthy brought many changes to Destiny 2, one of the biggest was a review of Swords. His stats have been reworked, perks rebalanced, and his overall power increased.

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Thanks to these changes, swords are one of the most used heavy weapons in the game for PvE. While some players avoid this archetype due to the boss stomps, many tend to avoid swords as their perk pool is very different. Once you get used to their playstyle, swords are some of the best weapons in the game, and everyone should have a few good ones. Here are the top ten swords that everyone needs in Destiny 2.

Updated June 23, 2022 by Charles Burgar: Season of the Haunted introduced the Heartshadow Sword to the game, a powerful exotic weapon that has some neat synergies with the Void subclasses. We’ve updated this list to include the exotic sword Heartshadow, discussing the benefits of having a weapon that can weaken targets and make you invisible.


10 Sola Scar

How to get: Osiris Match Tests and Engrams.

Sola’s Scar is an objectively better version of Temptation’s Hook. It uses the same Caster Frame as Sword, launching a solar projectile with its strong attack. If you pair this sword with the Wrath of Rasputin mod, it can spawn Warmind Cells.

This sword can roll with some fantastic perks, the most notable being Chain Reaction. Any enemy killed by your sword, be it a light or heavy attack, will explode after a short delay. A single heavy attack can take out a wave of enemies if Chain Reaction is on, making it absurdly good in both PvE and PvP. Sola’s Scar can also spawn traditional perks like Vorpal Weapon and Assassin’s Blade for those who prefer a direct damage boost. If you’re good enough to win Trials of Osiris matches, this sword is definitely worth pursuing.

Recommended traits:

  • Column One:
    Tireless blade, relentless blows

  • Column two:
    Vorpal Weapon, Chain Reaction, Assassin’s Blade

9 Quick Fang

How to get: World Legendary Engrams and Focused Umbral Engrams.

As the only light frame sword not set at sunset in Destiny 2, Quickfang fills a unique role. While equipped, you move and run faster than normal, and this sword’s strong attack is a moving lunge attack. Since it is a class sword, only hunters can use it.

Quickfang can roll to excellent perks. This is the only sword that can roll with One for All, giving it a huge damage buff if it can hit three unique targets. Assassin’s Blade is also present if you want to use Quickfang to move quickly. The first column also supports perks like Thresh and Energy Transfer.

Recommended traits:

  • Column One:
    Relentless blows, Thresh

  • Column two:
    One for all, Assassin’s Blade, On guard

8 Legacy

How to get: Raid in the Deep Stone Crypt (meeting with Taniks).

Despite Bequest’s rather lackluster adaptive framework, this sword is easily one of the best swords you can currently use. Obtained from the Deep Stone Crypt raid, Bequest has an excellent perk pool and the highest hit rating of all adaptive swords, meaning it deals more damage than any other adaptive sword.

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Tireless Blade and Surrounded give this weapon a large amount of damage per hit, surpassing what Falling Guillotine is capable of. If you want to use your sword to kill elders, consider an Assassin’s Blade roll. Bequest is a fantastic option for all playstyles, and it’s pretty easy to farm once you put together a raid team.

Recommended traits:

  • Column One:
    Tireless blade, relentless blows

  • Column two:
    Surrounded, Assassin’s Blade

7 Razor’s edge

How to get: Iron Banner matches and engrams.

Falling Guillotine has been officially surpassed. Razor’s Edge is the same frame as Falling Guillotine but with much better perks. Wellspring and Chain Reaction is a fantastic perk combination that makes this sword fantastic for killing hordes of redrods, majors, all while granting ability energy. You can also go for a more traditional roll of Tireless Blade and One for All. If you plan to farm Iron Banner anytime soon, keep an eye out for this sword.

Recommended traits:

  • Column One:
    Tireless Blade, Spring

  • Column two:
    Chain reaction, One for all, Assassin’s Blade

6 heart shadow

How to get: Duality Dungeon (final encounter).

Heartshadow is a sword adapted to Void builds, specifically Nightstalkers. This sword has a heavy attack that unleashes a series of Void projectiles that deal moderate damage when they come into contact with an enemy. Damaging a target with the orb deals 15% debuff. Heavy attack kills make you invisible.

This weapon creates an interesting gameplay loop where you use a heavy attack, a light attack five times, and then a heavy attack again. The damage is on par with most legendary swords, but the utility of this weapon cannot be underestimated. Being able to turn invisible after a kill is extremely powerful for Lost Sector and solo dungeons, and the debuff you inflict can be useful in Master or GM content. Lament and Black Talon are arguably better if you’re willing to use your Exotic slot on a Sword, but Heartshadow is a fantastic choice if you’re doing a Void build.

5 hero of the ages

How to get: Dungeon Grasp of Greed

Inspired by Myth, Hero of Ages is a medieval sword that’s been infused with some serious space magic. This Vortex Frame is the only one of its kind, capable of rolling Demolitionist and Chain Reaction simultaneously. Sword kills and chain reaction explosions will give grenade energy, perfect for certain builds.

If additional clear swords aren’t your style, Hero of Ages can also use Relentless Strikes and One for All to help you take down commanders and bosses. It won’t beat Lament or Black Talon for single-target boss DPS, but its incredible debuff potential makes Hero of Ages one of the best swords you can currently farm for.

Recommended traits:

  • Column One:
    Demolitionist, Relentless Blows

  • Column two:
    Chain reaction, one for all

4 half truths

How to get: Xur’s Hidden Treasure

The energy sword from the Halo franchise has arrived in Destiny 2. Well, half of the sword has arrived. Half-Truths is an energy blade in the adaptive archetype, and it features some of the strongest perks we’ve seen on a sword so far.

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Half-Truth’s ace up the sleeve is Eager Edge, a perk that increases sword thrust distance by immediately switching to your sword. This lunge distance is immense and extends beyond Worldline Zero’s Exotic perk. Skating with Swords is finally back for all classes, even Hunters.

As a real sword, Half-Truths is a fantastic option. Duelist’s Stance and Assassin’s Blade are an excellent job weapon that can kill majors with ease. If you don’t use your sword that often, keep your eyes peeled for a roll with Tireless Blade and Harmony. If you like swords, you should consider farming for a good spread of half-truths.

Recommended traits:

  • Column One:
    Duelist Stance, Relentless Blade

  • Column two:
    Eager Edge, Assassin’s Blade, Harmony

3 black claw

How to get: Exotic engrams found through Xur or world drops.

Black Talon is one of the strongest exotics in Destiny 2. It combines the high damage of swords with the safety of most ranged weapons.

While this weapon is a rare drop in any activity, Black Talon provides a level of damage and safety that no other sword can match. This weapon’s heavy attack fires void projectiles that track targets. His Catalyst also grants a similar buff to Counter Strike after players block an attack. Season of the Chosen did nerf Swords, but it’s barely noticeable on Black Talon due to the amount of damage it deals. If you don’t have Lament, Black Talon is a fantastic alternative.

two The other half

How to get: Xur’s Hidden Treasure (Low Drop Chance)

If you didn’t know, this is the second half of the Halo Energy Sword, which complements the Half-Truths Sword you normally get from Xur’s Treasure Trove. Both swords may look the same, but The Other Half has much more powerful perk combinations than its Arc cousin.

This Sword rolls with Eager Edge on its first column instead of the second column, allowing you to use this Sword’s absurd mobility along with a damage buff as a Vorpal Weapon. The second column is fantastic, giving you options like the Vorpal Weapon, Frenzy, and Whirlwind Blade. If you don’t mind using something besides Eager Edge, Relentless Strikes and Duelist’s Trance are good options. Almost all rolls are good with this sword, which somewhat makes up for the weapon’s only drawback: its rarity. Good luck getting this to drop from Xur’s hidden treasure.

Recommended traits:

  • Column One:
    Eager edge, relentless blows

  • Column two:
    Frenzy, Whirlwind Sword, Vorpal Weapon

1 the lament

How to get: Complete the “Lost Lament” mission. Requires ownership of Beyond Light.

Falling Guillotine cannot match the raw damage output of Lament, an exotic chainsword that was pulled directly from Warhammer 40K and placed in the Destiny universe.

Holding down the block button will cause Lament to speed up, causing light attacks to unleash a flurry of deadly attacks that stack Banshee’s Lament. Take this buff to x9, then use a heavy attack to spend each charge, dealing a ridiculous amount of damage to anyone near you. This sword is good enough to kill the toughest raid bosses or Nightfall champions with no problem. And when combined with a wide damage or healing resistance, you can use this weapon in GM Nightfalls and even raids. You won’t find a better sword than Lament.

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