Destiny 2’s Arc 3.0 is all about high speed and max power, heavily inspired by Crank 2

Bungie has lifted the lid on how Arc abilities evolve in Destiny 2 Season 18, transforming sublcass into a system that allows players to hit harder and move faster than ever before. Arc 3.0’s inspiration is the 2009 action film Crank 2: High Voltage, a wacky adventure starring Jason Statham as he finds novel methods to keep his artificial heart charged long enough to get revenge on the gangsters who stole his original organ. .

Destiny designer Sam Dunn describes Arc 3.0 as the “go fast and hit stuff” subclass on Bungie’s blog, a skill set where players are given tools to keep moving forward with maximum aggression. While Void 3.0 focused on invisibility and Solar 3.0 used radiant buffs to turn Guardians into explosive death dealers, Arc 3.0’s party trick is Amplified. An amplified Guardian can move faster and is more agile without having to equip additional Aspects or Shards and all Arc classes are amplified after quickly defeating targets with any Arc damage.

A few seconds of sprinting will increase the player’s speed, add a hefty PvE damage resistance buff, and enable an even longer dash ability for your Guardian. Even if you’re not amplified, the speed boost will remain active as long as you’re running.

When it comes to dealing with enemies, you will be able to apply Blind and Jolt debuffs to enemies. This naturally blinds PvE enemies and leaves them unable to fire their weapons at you for a brief moment, and shaken opponents periodically send chain lightning splinters to nearby enemies. In PvP, you can expect your screen to black out, the HUD to be removed, and a disorienting ringing audio effect.

An ability previously exclusive to Warlocks, Ionic Traces, will apply to all Guardian classes and send small shards of energy to players that will help recharge abilities more quickly. Here’s what players can expect from each class when Arc 3.0 goes live.

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Bow Strider Hunter

For Hunters, Bungie wanted the Guardian class to embody a “graceful warrior monk” who can quickly close gaps and deal devastating amounts of damage at close range. Arc 3.0 adds crowd control tools, restores the Arc Staff Super and transforms it into a weapon that can block projectiles, be used to dodge with armor, and improve damage resistance. The second Super hunters get is Gathering Storm, a new ultimate that causes the class to spring into the air and throw their staff to the ground or at the enemy.

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On impact, the staff emits a damaging blast that shocks nearby enemies and serves as a lightning rod that overloads it with a burst of power, creating a large damage zone around it for several seconds and sending arcs of lightning to damage any enemy. moving enemy. close to that. For their Arc 3.0 skins, hunters will have three to choose from and customize.

flow state

Defeating a shaken opponent amplifies you. When amplified, dodge recharges faster, makes you more resistant to damage, and has faster recharge times.

storm strike

Hunters can perform a sliding melee that launches an arcing wave along the ground, dealing significant damage and knocking debuffs off any enemies in its path.

lethal current

After dodging, a Hunter gains a further melee dash, their next melee attack shocks the target and creates a damaging aftershock. When used with Arc Staff Super, the staff’s next light attack hits twice after dodging, and hitting a shaken enemy with a melee attack will blind them.


Stormtrance Warlock
Stormtrance Warlock

Warlocks retain their Stormtrance and Chaos Reach Supers, but adjustments Bungie has made will turn this Guardian class into a “lightning shaman” channeling deadly electricity and the fantasy of Emperor Palpatine’s power.

Chaos Reach keeps firing a concentrated beam of arc energy, while Stormtrance combines its upper and lower trees to make Warlocks slippery and dangerous on approach. When activated, Stormtrance creates a damaging shockwave and allows a Guardian to teleport using the Blink ability. The core idea of ​​this Warlock subclass is that amplification modifies abilities, such as Ball Lightning’s melee that can shock enemies three times instead of once.

With Chain Lightning, an amplified warlock can create two sets of chains and double the number of opponents hit with that deadly power. As for the Aspects, this is what Warlock can expect.

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arc soul

The rift a warlock casts still creates an Arc Soul that will aid them and their allies in battle. If amplified, any Arc Soul you have or gain supercharges and gains increased rate of fire.

lightning surge

Sliding will trigger the warlock’s melee, transforming them into a teleporting ball of lightning that summons a field of lightning at the exit point and shocks targets.

electrostatic mind

The arc skill kills and kills enemies with arc debuffs that create ion trails that amplify you when you collect them.


Fist of the Havoc Titan
Fist of the Havoc Titan

Titans essentially become giants with Arc 3.0, unstoppable forces of nature that are designed to move fast and hit hard when they reach their final destination. To maximize the potential of fist to face techniques, Titans have Fist of Havoc and Thundercrash Supers in Arc 3.0. Fist of Havoc is largely unchanged, but it now has a tight hit radius that draws from both of its ability trees and leaves a damaging field in its wake. Using it as an aerial attack adds a damaging area of ​​effect element.

Thundercrash now has noticeable buffs when used in specific situations with Arc 3.0’s amplified and speed boost intrinsic buffs, they can end up getting significantly stronger. With the Titan’s new Jetpack ability adding a quick burst of speed, you’ll have an evasion technique on par with a Hunter and the opportunity to make the most of that small gap to counterattack.

Returning melee combat will be joined by a new charged attack known as Thunderclap. Holding down the melee button charges up the arc’s energy which can be unleashed for a quick, powerful blow or held and stacked for an almighty blow. The charged state cannot be stored and the titan must be on the ground to charge the hit, but the damage is significant especially in PvP. A Thunderclap at 90% charge will one-shot kill an opposing Guardian, but it’s a move with a high risk associated with that high reward.

For Aspects, this is what Titans can choose from:


This skin improves arc grenades in the following ways:

  • Flashbang – Fires an extra blind boost on its first bounce.
  • Pulse – When the grenade damages an enemy, it creates an ion trail. Pulse Grenade’s damage also increases over time as the grenade lingers after impact.
  • Lightning Bolt: The grenade ability gains an additional charge and shocks targets on the initial explosion.
  • Storm: A roving storm cloud forms, tracking enemies and shooting lightning bolts to the ground below it.
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While sprinting and at full class ability energy, the Titan gains a frontal shield that can block incoming damage. An amplified Titan gains a stronger shield, and once depleted, your class energy depletes.

Knock out

Melee kills will trigger health regeneration and will be added amplified to a titan. Seriously wounding an enemy or breaking their shield briefly increases melee range and a titan’s base melee attack and damage is boosted with bow while Knockout is active.


Arch 3.0
Arch 3.0

Like the other subclasses, Arc 3.0 will also introduce a set of new Shards that can be mixed and matched to customize your Guardian’s abilities. Bungie revealed some of them, before the official debut of Arc 3.0.

beacons spark

When amplified, Arc special weapon kills create a blinding explosion; better get ready for Riskrunner.

resistance spark

When surrounded by enemies, you will gain increased damage resistance.

impulse spark

Sliding over ammo will recharge your weapon and grant a small amount of melee energy. Sliding over heavy ammo adds additional energy.

shock spark

Arc grenades shock enemies.

To complement the class-specific Aspects, Arc 3.0 will also introduce a set of new Shards, offering new perks to build and adding bonuses (or penalties) to your Guardian’s intrinsic stats.

For more details, be sure to tune in to the Destiny 2 showcase on August 23, where Bungie will reveal more about the future of the game, the next expansion, and other changes on the horizon.

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