Destiny 2’s controversial divinity is getting a Nerf in Season 19

In its weekly update, Bungie dropped a bombshell about players preferring the controversial Divinity trace rifle, among other smaller details about how weapons will change ahead of the Lightfall expansion. Divinity has become a polarizing weapon within the Destiny 2 community, with some players calling it a crutch that has become too dominant within high-level PvE content.

The main perk of the Trace Rifle is a debuff that weakens enemies by up to 30%, and when you have some Marksmen on your team that can critically hit, the weapon can take down the toughest of enemies. Bungie said it will lower the weapon’s effect to 15% in Season 19 so fireteams can focus on wielding a more varied arsenal in combat. Community Manager Cozmo added that this nerf has been in the planning stages for quite some time, long before the Destiny 2 community started Divinity updates.

A positive change to the weapon pool will be better rewards for players who can complete master level raids. Bungie has explained that Adept weapons obtained from these highly challenging encounters must be on par or better than their craftable versions, and with Lightfall coming, players can expect to see Adept weapons with improved perks in the new raid. While this doesn’t mean craftable Adept assault weapons are coming, it does mean that some of the best weapons in the game could be obtained from the Master Lightfall raid.

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The high stats of Adept weapons combined with the powerful perks of craft weapons could make for a potentially devastating piece of gear to have in your arsenal. Some of the other interesting changes highlighted in the blog post include a renewed focus on making Kinetic weapons “more interesting” after the release of Lightfall, research to give crafted weapons multiple perks to choose from in each column, and a PvP nerf for the Exotic SMG. Risk broker in the future.

Season 19 will also have at least one Kinetic weapon and one Solar exotic to collect and you can expect Glaive’s damage resistance to be lowered in a mid-season patch. For more on Destiny 2, you can tune in later today for where Xur is and details on what to expect from Trials of Osiris this weekend.

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