Diablo Immortal Blood Rose Location and Boss Fight Guide

looking to find the Devil Immortal Blood Rose Location? This boss fight is against literally a big bloody rose that sucks the blood of players who dare take it down. With such a damaging mechanic, you’ll need all the best tips and tricks on how to find and defeat this hybrid main story and world boss.

Belonging to the Countess of the Forgotten Tower, The Diablo Immortal Blood Rose collects blood on the floor of the Dark Wood to feed her and fuel her immortality. You’ll encounter Blood Rose during the main campaign as part of the eighth quest in Dark Wood, Blood Resurrection, but you can fight her independently as a world boss. However, to find the zone event, your character must be at least level 60 and you must finish the main campaign, so you can switch to Hell I difficulty in the game.

With millions of hit points and an arsenal of devastating attacks at your disposal, you’ll need plenty of allies to take down Blood Rose. Here’s where to find this world boss and how to beat him.

Blood Rose Location

You will come across the Blood Rose quite early in the game given that it is found in the second main region, Dark Wood. To the west of the Fetid Swamp and beyond the Sanguine Ruins you’ll find the small dungeon we’ve marked on the map above. This is the Lair of the Bloody Rose and the boss will be hiding inside, waiting for a fight.

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How to defeat the blood rose

While Blood Rose doesn’t have the devastating 20 million HP of Diablo Immortal’s Hydra, it does have 7.4 million, which means you’ll want to make sure you’re leveled up high enough to stand a fighting chance. It is recommended to be at least level 49 before facing Blood Rose; Check out our Diablo Immortal leveling guide for some tips on how to do it.

As with any world boss, you can take on the fight on your own, but be prepared for a long and highly challenging battle. One tip here would be to invite other players in the area via the chat feature to help you out.

There are two main phases to the Blood Rose attack.

phase one – The Blood Rose will be flanked by two smaller mouths that shoot damaging orbs. Listen for Blood Rose’s roar as it precedes an AoE spike attack that you’ll want to dodge with movement abilities. You’ll also notice red circles on the ground that will indicate incoming projectiles; again, avoid them at all costs. From time to time, Blood Rose will summon a group of Dark Creepers that block your path to her master, so you’ll need to prioritize taking them out as soon as they appear.

phase two – Lakrii will sacrifice herself for Blood Rose, replenishing her health and granting her some new moves. One of them is a channeled beam that sweeps the sand clockwise and then counterclockwise; you can dodge it with the proper movement skill. In the second phase, there’s a new roar to be heard, as a dense pack of Dark Creepers will soon appear at the Blood Rose base, and a pull effect will pull your hero towards all those hungry mouths. Ranged characters should have no difficulty avoiding this, but melee characters need to be more vigilant, as any lost health will recharge Blood Rose’s HP pool. If you’re fighting random ones, be sure to warn them about this attack.

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This is one of those fights where you need to focus more on evading attacks than dealing massive damage.

Blood Rose Rewards

Aside from earning XP and upgrading your in-game skills, defeating Blood Rose is also a great way to fill up your Corruption meter.

In Dark Wood, you need to fill your corruption meter to 100% to proceed to the ‘Purify the Corruption’ zone event for even more rewards. Defeating Blood Rose can give you around 30% to your meter, so it can be a quick way to fill it up.

Once the corruption meter is full, you will unlock the ability to spawn the final boss, a Shadow Clone of yourself, which you must kill within 90 seconds to complete the event.

So there we have it. How to find and defeat Diablo Immortal Blood Rose. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you have the best character to take on the bosses, so check out our ultimate Diablo Immortal tier list for top tips on choosing the best class. We also have Diablo Immortal builds for each and every character.

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