Diablo Immortal Forgotten Nightmares update doubles down on warbands

The Diablo Immortal Forgotten Nightmares update arrives on September 28, and patch 1.6 promises to be the first major update for the mobile and PC crossover RPG. Among the changes introduced is an overhaul of the game’s controversial warband system: semi-permanent groups of eight players used for various group activities in the game. While some of the changes have been welcome, fans of the fantasy game are already expressing various concerns about the increased emphasis being placed on warbands.

Among the changes to Diablo Immortal warbands planned for Forgotten Nightmares is a reduced requirement for warband raids to just four players, meaning you no longer need all eight of your party members to be online simultaneously. to participate in them. This change has been largely welcomed, and the new Castle Cyrangar warband activity follows suit, allowing players to explore it with between one and eight players.

By clearing rooms within the castle, your gang will be able to set up rooms there, each providing a different stat bonus to its assigned occupant. Additionally, further bonuses are awarded based on ancient weapons, one of which can be placed on the castle square for each member of the warband. This aspect is where players raise their hands in consultation. As Blizzard explains, “Who occupies which room is up to your warband leader – they can assign and unassign players at will.” Players on the game’s subreddit have raised concerns that tying the skills and progression of up to seven players to the whims of their warband leader could cause potential problems.

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“So what they’re saying is you can do a ton of work to improve your character, and then if the gang leader suddenly decides they don’t like you, they can take away your character progression by kicking you out.” . Russian Others in the replies express frustration that even when this works as intended, it requires long-term, involved group play with a consistent team.

“Sounds great if you’re in an active band,” says Smoothie8484, “I guess I’m just out of luck.” Many players say that while clans provide a way to engage in group activities more casually, the deep involvement required for a warband isn’t what they’re looking for. Another commenter, jasonuhlaw, calls the update “daunting” and says that “reading that warbands will basically be essential to staying competitive is a deal breaker for me.”

In recent months, many fans have expressed a desire to be allowed to play Diablo Immortal solo without being forced to play group content, but it seems that Blizzard is eager to continue pushing group content in its updates. They will no doubt be welcomed by those looking to play in squads or engage in matchmade multiplayer, but some players will likely feel left out.

The update also reaffirms a change that prevents players who purchased third-party transactions from Diablo Immortal from competing in PvP activities. A Diablo Immortal leak hints at the return of the Frozen Heart, a five-star legendary gem from Diablo Immortal that was previously limited to the beta version of the game. In the meantime, our pick of the best Diablo Immortal builds and the best Diablo Immortal legendaries should help you prepare before the new update arrives.

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