Diablo Immortal: Free-to-play suffers the wrath of players on Metacritic!

Game News Diablo Immortal: Free-to-play suffers the wrath of players on Metacritic!

Officially released on June 2 on mobile, tablet and PC in beta, Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play game that uses the recipe of the license, by offering players the opportunity to go and smash demons with a vengeance in a world fantasy threatened by destruction. Rather well received thanks to its gameplay and its content, the title is currently undergoing a huge review bombing on Metacritic.

As in all self-respecting Diablo, players of Diablo Immortal are invited to join Sanctuary, a world that must constantly fight against the urges of domination of the Underworld. As a Barbarian, Necromancer, Sorceress, Demon Hunter, Monk or Crusader, you must travel through the game’s eight zones eliminating anything in your path that has a connection to darkness.

Diablo Immortal: free to play or pay to win?

Obviously, this is the pretext for scour the dungeons and collect ever more interesting loot. Featuring a full storyline, large areas, multiple license-specific mechanics, Diablo Immortal first appealed as a real Diablo game. An interest that has resulted in a #1 on the App Store in over 40 regionsand by rather cheerful reactions from the public after a few hours of play. But the state of grace did not last long. We knew Diablo Immortal was free-to-play, with a season pass and microtransaction, but Blizzard had indicated that it was quite possible to remain competitive in PvP and in the endgame without spending a single penny.

Diablo Immortal: Free-to-play suffers the wrath of players on Metacritic!

However, many players have found a huge difference in progress between those who pay, and those who farm dungeons in the hope of getting better gear. According to videographer Bellular News, you would have to pay around 110,000 dollars to improve your character as much as possible. To make this estimate, he recorded a comparison video featuring a character playing “for free” and another for which $20 was spent to integrate legendary emblems in the exploration of an ancestral rift. And as much to say that the difference is obvious… In addition, the game regularly encourages people to buy a lootboxand to buy special currency.

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Diablo Immortal: Free-to-play suffers the wrath of players on Metacritic!

An insistence and a gap between free and paid players qui quickly turned the wind on Metacritic. As of Monday, the title became one of the worst-rated games on the aggregator, with a user rating of 0.7/10. But the anger of the players did not stop there, since the note went down again for now only show a measly 0.5/10, while the professional score is 75/100. Here is an anthology of comments posted by players, all of which point to the economic model of the game.

Shame on Blizzard! I hope lawmakers soon start cracking down on this kind of *****.

Blizzard invested a very long time, a lot of research, in-depth exchanges with psychological experts and so on to come up with a scheme for us, purely designed to get your money. The game surrounding this intention is fine, but should serve the purpose of getting you paid. Literally. I’m totally disgusted, especially since I loved diablo 1, 2, 3 and Blizzard in general. But those times are long gone. What’s left of blizzard is a money-hungry vampire with no regard for its fan base. What they want from us is not our appreciation or our praise, but our money. And Diablo Immortal shows that as clearly as possible.

This is a pay to win version of Diablo 3, an absolute disgrace! Who is going to spend six hours a day playing a casino MMORPG app? Another April Fools out of season!

It’s actually a decent game, but it’s designed to browbeat the minds of the weak and milk them out of their money. Max progression will take a decade or you can just spend $100,000 on it. Please don’t put money in this game.

The reviews are therefore particularly virulent against the monetization system of the game, especially for the endgame and the progression aimed at PvP confrontations. The rating could go up thanks to the deletion of unsubstantiated opinions, but it is unlikely that the trend will completely reverseunless action is taken by Blizzard.

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