Diablo Immortal: he becomes the best on his server without spending money and denounces the system

Game News Diablo Immortal: he becomes the best on his server without spending money and denounces the system

Diablo Immortal’s point of contention, the game’s monetization is at the heart of many debates. Wudijo, a German streamer renowned for his level on games of this genre, however, reached the top of the PvP ranking without spending any money. Something he feels is actually impossible.


  • Diablo Immortal: he becomes the best on his server without spending money
  • “Being competitive is almost impossible without putting in money”

Diablo Immortal: he becomes the best on his server without spending money

It’s a feat you won’t find with everyone: the German streamer and YouTuber Wudijo managed to become Immortal with his clan, Diablo Immortal’s highest rank in Player vs. Player. Without going into the details of the way necessary to access such a level, it is necessary to fulfill prerequisites, some of which are not within everyone’s reach:

Requirements to be immortal

  • Reach at least level 43
  • Join ShadowClan through various challenges
  • Become one of the top 10 clans on the server
  • Win at least 6 out of 10 PvP matches in the Rite of Exile
  • Overthrow the ancient “Immortal” in a final battle with other clans, then survive last in a battle with the remaining clans
  • The clan itself then remains at the top for 7 days before it can be challenged again

Some conditions are therefore more difficult to meet than others, especially without spending money: victory in the battle with the other clans, the final step before achieving immortal status. Indeed, the opposing players certainly do not hesitate to invest their money in their character.

“Being competitive is almost impossible without putting in money”

However, Wudijo warns about Diablo Immortal. The player, whose experience on hack’n’slash is no longer in question, indicates in a few sentences that it is not possible to be competitive on Diablo Immortal without spending money in the game. It is in a comment under the video above that he explains it:

As mentioned in the video, not all of my clan is free-to-play. We took our chance and won through weeks of effort, coordination, luck, our alliance with IOWA and of course our chosen team for the fight (which I didn’t want to run away from despite being a weak player with my free-to-play which reduced our chances: I led the team thanks to my experience in PVP) (…)

For those who consider this to show that F2P is viable in this game: it’s wrong.. The game is designed in such a way that it puts the highest spending players at the top of the leaderboards and being competitive is next to impossible without putting in some money.

Statements that go in the direction of the complaints of the players recorded on the metacritic of Diablo Immortal. Dissatisfied with the monetization of the game, the players lowered the score of the game skyrocketing: 0.3/10 for the PC version, 0.4/10 for the iOS version. Yet, it seems that it doesn’t bother another part of the players. Witness the figures recently shared by Blizzard: two weeks after its release, Diablo Immortal brought in nearly 24 million to the publisher.

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