Die By The Blade is coming to PC and consoles this November

Grindstone, Triple Hill Interactive, and Kwalee have announced that Die By The Blade, the Bushido Blade-inspired one-punch fighting game, is coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X & S on November 3. The game will also be ported to Nintendo Switch in 2023. Check out the release date announcement trailer at the top of the page.

A 1v1 fighting game set in a world that draws inspiration from samurai culture and cyberpunk aesthetics, Die By The Blade sees players choose from a roster of characters and weapons, before deciding who is the strongest in fights. tense in one fell swoop. .

Die By The Blade will feature a full story-driven campaign for players looking to practice before going online to forge rivalries with players from around the world. With plenty of customization options and plenty of moves and combos to learn for each weapon, Die By The Blade could be a pretty deep fighting game and one of the surprise hits of 2022. Keep your eyes peeled on this one.

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