Dimension 20’s Next Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Is A Bridgerton Fairy Tale

Dropout TV has revealed the next campaign for Dimension 20, its Dungeon & Dragons show. Called A Court of Fey & Flowers, the new campaign sees Aabria Iyengar once again take the reins as Dungeon Master, weaving a story about the complicated politics of a Fey court.

A Court of Fey & Flowers will premiere on August 3 at 4pm PT / 7pm ET on Dropout.tv, and the season will run for 10 episodes. Like most Dimension 20 campaigns, A Court of Fey & Flowers will use Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, but will also incorporate rules from Storybrewers’ Jane Austen-inspired tabletop RPG, Good Society.

Good Society uses more collaborative role-playing compared to DnD’s often confrontational combat, presenting stories more akin to what is seen in Downton Abbey or Bridgerton. There is less direct combat against your enemies; Instead, you must work within the systems of high society: exploit your connections, lean on your family’s influence, and spread rumors to achieve your secret goal.

“There’s something about the mechanics and the elegance with which they’re written in Good Society that allows you to get into the rhythm of that kind of storytelling,” Iyengar told Polygon. “It shows you the specific ways your character expresses themselves. There’s a rumor phase and a letter writing phase, and reputation markers and a reputation economy. [I] I was so, so happy to integrate [that] in the history”.

Iyengar is a popular and much-loved face in the Dimension 20 community, making her player debut in Pirates of Leviathan. She would later return as a DM for Misfits & Magic, and then once again as a player in The Seven. Beyond Dimension 20, Iyengar is one of the most talented voices and storytellers in the DnD space and tabletop RPGs in general – she appeared in Critical Role, The Adventure Zone, Vampire: The Masquerade – New York By Night, Roll20 and all a lot more.

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For A Court of Fey & Flowers, Iyengar will be joined by veteran Dimension 20 players Brennan Lee Mulligan (Executive Producer, Writer, and Head Dungeon Master of Dimension 20), Lou Wilson and Emily Axford, as well as new players Surena Marie, Oscar Montoya and Omar Najam. The six players will play different Fey who have come together to celebrate the Bloom, an event that delivers necessary doses of magic to Feywild and the other realms. When the Bloom is threatened, the six Fey will have to band together to save it, while each pursuing their own selfish goals.

A Court of Fey & Flowers is the fifteenth campaign for Dimension 20 and the fourth to feature a DM other than Brennan Lee Mulligan. The other three campaigns are Misfits & Magic (campaign 10), Shriek Week (campaign 12), and Coffin Run (campaign 14). Dimension 20 typically features talent from CollegeHumor or their friends from the broader tabletop RPG community.

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