Dislyte: our guide to getting started on the new mobile RPG

news tip Dislyte: our guide to getting started on the new mobile RPG

You’ve probably heard of it already, the new mobile pop-fantasy RPG from Lilith Games was released almost ten days ago now! If you have downloaded the title and you feel a little lost in this urban and mythological universe at the same time, we offer you a guide to get you started.

A real new phenomenon for all mobile RPG lovers, Dislyte offers you to control characters inspired by several different mythologies adapted to a very urban pop world that will delight music fans. With its many characters, game modes and activities, you could quickly get lost and not know what to do, especially if you are not used to the genre. We therefore offer you a guide to get you started on Dislyte, the new phenomenon game from Lilith Games.


  • story of improving
  • A hunter who knows how to hunt…
  • Carved like a Greek god
  • Vary the pleasures
  • A team of hell
  • Some bonuses
    • Search the events
    • Bonuses
    • A compass to follow
    • Some codes

story of improving

When you arrive in the game, you might be tempted to touch a bit of everything. If that’s not a bad idea in itself, we advise you instead to invest as much as possible in the story mode. Not only will he give you several Espers (game characters) for free, but he will also be a source of many loot, including precious gold discs allowing you to unlock other Espers. If the main plot does not convince you despite its some rather well-made cut-scenes and its colorful characters, you can choose to deactivate any form of scenario to chain the levels more quickly. To effectively start the game, we advise you to stick to the story mode as much as possible at least until reach chapter 9, where you will unlock the very good set of Hades relics.

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In general, we also advise you to complete the objectives offered by the “missions” tab as they become available. These are precisely designed to guide you throughout your learning of the game, it would be a shame to miss them. Especially since here again, many objects will be granted to you as a reward.

A hunter who knows how to hunt…

In all gacha like Dislyte, one of the most important characters will be the one you use to farm. If they are sometimes difficult to unlock, in the latest game from Lilith Games, one of the best of them will be offered to you very early in the Story mode! Once you have obtained Mona, the incarnation of Artemis, you will have to improve her as a priority to make her your main farmer.

Dislyte: our guide to getting started on the new mobile RPGDislyte: our guide to getting started on the new mobile RPG

Mona has three very useful skills for farming.. Her first skill only hits one target, but causes her to cast a second time if she kills an enemy. His second skill shoots multiple targets at once and allows him to heal himself, and his third skill hits all enemies at once. Enough to very quickly chain the training grounds available in the Story mode and gain a maximum of experience for the other Espers and gold to improve the relics.

Carved like a Greek god

In order to climb higher and higher in the levels offered by the Story mode, you will of course have to improve your characters. To do this, you will have several objects to look for:

  • The Capaciumsto improve the abilities of your Espers
  • The Experiumsto increase the level of your Espers
  • The Starsto promote the stars of your Espers (only once their maximum level is reached)
  • relicsto improve the statistics of your Espers

Regarding the latter, we advise you to equip the famous Hades set you will get in Chapter 9 of Story Mode on your first 5-star Esper, provided it has the “Fighter” role of course. Apart from this very powerful set, we advise you to prioritize relics with the most basic secondary optionsand improve them up to a certain point:

  • 1 Star Relic : level 3
  • 2 Star Relic : level 6
  • 3 Star Relic : level 9
  • 4 Star Relic : level 12
  • 5 Star Relic : level 15
Dislyte: our guide to getting started on the new mobile RPGDislyte: our guide to getting started on the new mobile RPG

Vary the pleasures

Dislyte: our guide to getting started on the new mobile RPG

If we advise you to focus on the Story mode, it is not however forbidden to try the other modes of the game, especially when your missions require you to do so. Trial mode has many other game modes that will keep you busy when you’re stuck in Story mode, or want to loot some relics. The Ritual Erebium, for example, will allow you to rather easily earn several very practical relics at the start of the game to properly equip your Espers. Do not hesitate to go face Kronos if you feel like it, and build a team dedicated to this confrontation.

A team of hell

By playing the Story mode, you will very quickly have enough Esper offered to constitute a complete team. However, if Mona and Drew are indeed very good characters for the beginning of the game, this is not necessarily the case for the others. Luckily, between Story Mode levels, Daily Rewards, Missions, and Trials, you should quickly have enough Gold to unlock some much better Espers. Here are some examples of good characters to keep on your team:

  • Mona, 4 stars : Available in Story mode, she will be your main farmer for quite a while. Prioritize improvement.
  • Tang Xuan or Li Ling, 5 stars : Don’t panic, you will necessarily unlock one of the two after having used ten gold discs. If Li Ling is objectively the better of the two, Tang Xuan remains excellent to take the place of team captain.
  • Drew, 3 stars : Available in the Story mode, the incarnation of Anubis is a very good DPS that you can keep if you like to play it.
  • Tang Yon, 3 stars : This very common character is actually a very good early game DPS that it will be quite easy for you to improve.
  • Chang Pu, 3 stars : Here again a character as common as it is useful, since her ability to heal her team is far superior to Helena (which you will find in the Story mode).
  • Ye Suhua, 3 stars : More difficult to obtain, you will have to take a ride in the undulating dimensions to obtain this Esper. But his ability to heal is a good reason to give this evil.

Some bonuses

With all of the tips above, you should have no trouble getting into the game and getting to grips with everything it has to offer. However, we still have a few bonus tips for you to remember..

Search the events

As in all games of the genre, it is not uncommon for there to be limited time events. The objectives to be completed are not always very complex, and sometimes offer very good rewards in return. Open your eyes!


Unlocked after leveling up your account bounties are bonus objectives to be completed each day. Of the five proposed, you can do three daily. Pick the ones that offer the best rewards, like endurance for example.

A compass to follow

At the top left of your main screen, you’ll find a small compass. By touching it with your finger, you will bring up a very practical menu which will tell you the best activities to do to loot this or that object. Handy if you want to focus on gold discs or relics for example!

Some codes

Like many other free to play games, developers sometimes offer a few codes to give players a boost. On the occasion of the release of the game, there are already several codes that can give you significant bonuses at the start of the game. You can find them in our presentation article of the game published yesterday.

Contents of the Complete Dislyte Guide

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