Disney Plus Confirms Exactly Where ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Fits In The MCU Timeline

via Marvel Studios

Today is a happy day for MCU fans as there is not only a new episode of mrs wonder to enjoy, but Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness is now officially streaming on Disney Plus. With its interdimensional scope and the introduction of some key new characters, Benedict Cumberbatch’s sequel is easily one of the biggest Phase Four Marvel productions yet. And now, thanks to the Mouse House platform, we know exactly where it fits in the franchise timeline.

With its availability on Disney Plus, doctor strange 2 has been added to the official MCU chronological classification of the Marvel Movies and TV Shows site. If you visit the Marvel hub of D+ and scroll down a bit, you’ll find the “Marvel Cinematic Universe in Timeline Order” list. This tells us that multiverse of madness it happens in a surprising place in the MCU’s bigger picture.

As you can see via the screenshot in the tweet below, doctor strange 2 has been officially classified as situated between eternal Y Hawk Eye. This usefully tells us that Spider-Man: No Way Home — which is not on Disney Plus — must take place after eternalalso, as we know arachnid 3 comes shortly before the events of Breast.

Although things have gotten confusing since then avengers endgame jumped forward five years, it is believed that eternal is set in the fall of 2024, with Hawk Eye obviously based on Christmas of that same year. So according to this Disney Plus order, that must mean that doctor strange 2 fits somewhere in the late fall of 2024. moon knight Y mrs wonderMeanwhile, change things to 2025, which is the current present of the universe.

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So there you have it. if you want to look again multiverse of madness as part of a Phase Four binge, then be sure to stick it in between visualizations of eternal Y Hawk Eye.

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