‘Doctor Strange 2’ Fans Discover Mind-Blowing Multiversal Detail

Screenshot via YouTube

Fans are still discovering the hidden and finer details of strange doctor in the multiverse of madnessand a truly intricate one has wowed fans.

Traversing several different universes, most notably Earth-838, in her quest to replace her children is the Scarlet Witch played by Elizabeth Olsen. She fights her way to the Darkhold and uses it to weave dreams. While things didn’t end well for Wanda Maximoff, there is a brief glimmer of hope for a variant of her.

An eagle-eyed viewer has noticed an astonishingly well-done detail from the 2022 blockbuster that harkens back to the limited series. Wanda Vision which helped set the tone for the “reversed” dynamic of this universe. In the bedroom of Wanda’s children, Billy and Tommy, everything has changed since the last time she appeared.

It may look small, but it does show some attention to detail by showcasing the idea of ​​the multiverse. Wanda’s entire arc in the movie is about things flipping through universes, and she has to travel through several just to realize that she was drastically wrong with her plan. She unfortunately for Baron Mordo and around 200 wizards in Kamar-Taj, who are no longer alive to see her remorse.

Olsen has expressed her desire to return to the role of Wanda in a future solo spinoff movie, but considering she might be stuck in a different universe, it might be a bit of a stretch. Meanwhile, Doctor Strange is venturing into the dark dimension to solve some additional mischief.

Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness is available to stream on Disney Plus, as is Wanda Vision.

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