Does Hogwarts Legacy have a photo mode?

No matter how simple or intricate, the photo modes give gamers the ability to take some stunning screenshots in their favorite games. but it does Hogwarts Legacy does it have photo mode? This guide will give you the answer and give you tips on how to customize the HUD in the game.

Is there a photo mode in Hogwarts Legacy?

The short answer to “Do you have Hogwarts Legacy have a photo mode” is no, it doesn’t have a native photo mode. Not yet. It’s always possible that WB Games will add a screenshot tool to the game in a future update, just as Sony Santa Monica did for God of War: Ragnarok after its release. However, fans will have to wait and see.

However, Hogwarts Legacy it has a number of customizable options that can allow gamers to bypass this omission in order to take clean screenshots while gaming. And it all revolves around the HUD.

How to remove the HUD to take screenshots in photo mode in Hogwarts Legacy

To take general screenshots while exploring the world and various locations, like Hogwarts in-game, do the following:

  • Pause the game.
  • Go to settings.
  • Scroll down to User Interface Options at the bottom.
  • Turn off the following:
    • Show HUD Tracking Icons
    • Show standard notifications
    • Show quest notifications
    • Show spell HUD
    • Show Health/Ancient Magic Meter
    • show minimap

If you also want to take clean screenshots while in combat, turn off the Show Enemy/Target Info and Show Enemy Damage Numbers options. Also, when taking screenshots while in mounts, turn off the Show mount controls setting.

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You’ll probably want to turn off subtitles as well, as background NPC conversations can be triggered at various times, potentially damaging the perfectly framed shot right when you hit the Share button on Xbox or PlayStation. Of course, it is also possible to disable these HUD elements in the PC version of the game.

As long as you have a dedicated Hogwarts Legacy The photo mode at launch would be nice, would-be video game photographers at least have the option to remove the HUD elements until (hopefully) one is added in the future. Our Hogwarts Legacy guides page has more useful information.

Featured Image by GameSkinny.

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