Dragon Age 4: a damn ambitious script for the BioWare game

Game news Dragon Age 4: a damn ambitious script for the BioWare game

In Dragon Age, there is good and bad, but also a lot of affection from the public. Enough to motivate BioWare to work on a new game that is still very mysterious, but with undisguised dreams of grandeur.

What to raise the hype

After the Anthem tragedy, BioWare seems determined to get back on track. His reconquest of the public will happen first with “Dragon Age 4” (whose real title has not yet been confirmed)currently under development within the Canadian studio and which seems to be gaining more and more momentum. Hoping to have a real trailer to eat soon, the firm gave some news through a post on its official blog:

We are always learning, we push ourselves to always go further and with each game, we improve. But we still have room. I can’t wait to talk more about some of the cool stuff we’ve done on the tech side for Dragon Age.

We also take the characters very seriously and work hard to give them more personality than they’ve ever had in the past. I can’t say more yet, but we will soon!

This is what really makes you want. Nope ?

Mass Effect 5 also around

Dragon Age 4 is not the only soft in design at BioWare, far from it since Mass Effect 5 also begins to grow, slowly, at its own pace. It is in this same blog post that we have just learned good news concerning the development of the science fiction game… failing to see one of these four in action. To tell the truth, you will even have to be damn patient.

Finally, we will end with the most recent news from the studio, namely the massive Legacy of the Sith expansion for the Star Wars MMO The Old Republic, which requires some follow-up and therefore the mobilization of an entire team. BioWare has its work cut out, to say the least.

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