Dragon Quest Treasures looks extremely cute

comes out december 9

Dragon Quest Treasures is creeping up on us as it gears up for its December 9 release on Nintendo Switch. It hadn’t exactly been on my mind given the sheer number of games coming out in October and November, but this new general trailer perked me up.

In short, this spin-off is about Erik and Mia, a brother and sister duo who “dream of exploring the world in search of a great treasure.” To do so, you will team up with various monsters, which can provide various abilities to the party to find… more treasures. The gameplay loop seems incredibly carefree, mixed with the trademark style of the dragon quest Serie.

In the four-minute video below, Square Enix walks you through the basics, including the treasure hunt itself (including the various means of traversal), as well as recruitment, core/base mechanics, and the main story (which deals with with the opponent). gangs and the narrative involving the seven rare Dragonstones). Party building in particular looks like fun, as your minions can also act outside of combat: serving as mounts and abilities of all sorts (like being thrown into the air by one).

I like it Monster hunterI always at least give these dragon quest spin-offs a second look. The series has amassed a lot of goodwill at the moment, and if I can get it on my schedule, Dragon Quest Treasures looks like it will be a joyous december/winter game.

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